Social media influencers can be categorized by their number of followers to determine whether they’re a micro-influencer, nano-influencer, or mega-influencer. However, there’s another way that influencers can be grouped based on their specific niche or the type of content they create. Here are the most common types of influencers based on the content shared.

#1: Health & Wellness Influencer

Health & Wellness influencers share content about nutrition, mental health, and overall well-being. These influencers’ audience trusts them to provide reliable product recommendations to keep them healthy. Their posts inspire their followers to lead natural, sustainable, and, most importantly, happy lives.

#2: Fashion Influencer

Fashion influencers show people how to dress and heavily influence their audiences’ wardrobes. These types of influencers often share clothing recommendations, give reviews of clothing companies, and encourage their followers to have their own unique styles.

#3: Beauty Influencer

Beauty influencers share content on all things related to beauty — haircare, makeup, skincare, nails, etc. These types of influencers often share product reviews and heavily influence what their followers purchase.

#4: Lifestyle Influencer

A lifestyle influencer is like an open book, giving their audience a behind-the-scenes look into their daily life. Almost anyone can become a lifestyle influencer. Lifestyle influencers’ most successful posts are inspirational content that their audience can implement into their own lives. Lifestyle influencer content can be daily vlogs, life hacks, vacations, inspirational posts, or anything related to their unique lifestyle.

#5: Food Influencer

Food influencers influence the way people eat. These types of influencers can be chefs sharing their favorite recipes, dieticians explaining how to lose weight by cooking healthier foods, and food critics rating new restaurants. These creators can heavily influence how people feel about a particular food or restaurant.

#6: Travel Influencer

Travel influencers travel a great deal and share all things related to traveling. These types of influencers post a lot of travel tips, blog posts on places they’ve visited, itineraries, and reviews of places they’ve stayed. Travel influencers inspire their audience to travel and teach them how to travel affordably and safely.

#7: Teen Influencer

A teen influencer is an influencer between the ages of 13 and 19. These influencers mostly share relatable content that other teens can relate to — day-in-the-life videos, outfit-of-the-day, school hacks, pranks, challenges, or anything that appeals to teens.

#8: Gaming Influencer

Gaming influencers share content related to gaming. The most popular games right now are Roblox, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. Gaming influencers usually live-stream their games on Twitch or YouTube, which brings in tons of crazed fans. These influencers also post gaming hacks, tutorials on gaming, montages, walkthroughs, and more.

#9: Parenting Influencer

Parenting influencers share parenting advice, tips, and hacks. These types of influencers are usually the OG moms and dads who have been through it all with their kids. Parenting influencers often share product recommendations and tips on how to parent better. Oftentimes, parenting influencers will give a glimpse into their daily lives.

#10: Sports & Fitness Influencer

Sports and Fitness influencers share content on all things that relate to physical sports and getting in shape. These types of influencers can niche down, covering yoga, at-home workouts, pilates, weight loss, cycling, and so much more. Sports and fitness influencers tend to be extremely fit and actually lead the lifestyle they talk about.

#11: Professionals as Influencers

Professionals as influencers have recently become a thing. These types of influencers are professionals who don’t create content for a living. Instead, they create content on all things related to their profession. Examples include nurses that share behind-the-scenes content on life as a nurse, flight attendants that share their trips, and lawyers that use their knowledge to share general legal tips.