Are you an (aspiring) Freelance Writer and struggling to make money from your skills? Are you writing on a publishing platform but not getting enough eyeballs on your content to see any real money? It can be very frustrating to have top-notch writing skills but be confused about how to monetize those skills. There are numerous ways you can get paid as a writer that don’t involve churning out content and hoping someone reads it and then it earning you a few pennies. This blog post will share four creative ways of making money as a Freelance Writer that you can start working on today.

Start a writing service

Do you know how many people need content but don’t know where to go to have it created? Yes, there are freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork, but so many consumers have had bad experiences on those websites and are looking for an alternative. That alternative could be you. You could start your own writing service to help people with their content needs. You could offer article writing, essay writing, book writing, ghostwriting, you name it. You could start out writing on your own and once you build up your clientele, outsource the work, and then set back and collect passive coins.

Self-publish a book

Ever thought about self-publishing? It’s so much easier than most people think. Did you know that you can self-publish books for free on Amazon? Yes, that’s right, for free! With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can self-publish your own books, which will be available on Amazon. How it works is — you upload your book cover and manuscript to Amazon KDP, and they will turn it into a paperback book for you. Anytime someone purchases your book, Amazon will take care of the printing and shipping. You don’t have to touch a thing. Amazon also allows you to publish E-books that will be available on the Kindle Store. You get paid a royalty for each book sold. The more books you sell, the more money you can make, and the best part is: it’s completely passive income!

Become an expert

Get active on social media and become the go-to person for freelance writing. Share your tips, ideas, and strategies for getting clients, making money writing, and all things freelance writing. You could share content on social media as well as Youtube. Once you grow your following, you could then start monetizing your social accounts by offering paid promotion. Once you get so many subscribers on Youtube, you could start earning ad money. You could also start a paid Facebook group and charge members a membership fee. What if you built up a group of 100 members paying you $5 per month for all of your writing advice? That’s a nice $500 every single month, guaranteed! The key to this strategy is being consistent. You have to go into it thinking long-term. Don’t expect instant money, but it will pay off once you build up a loyal following!

Start a blog

Yes, blogging has been around forever, but blogs will always be a thing. As long as people are searching Google looking for information, then blogs will never die. Instead of creating a ton of content for websites that you don’t own, put that time and effort into creating content for your own blog that you can grow and earn money from for years to come. If you’re consistently putting out blog posts and sharing those blog posts on social media, Google will eventually pick up your blog, and you’ll start getting organic traffic. The goal is to start earning ad money from your blog. The only way to get there is to consistently curate content for yourself instead of other platforms.