Looking to promote yourself as a content creator?

You cannot expect to succeed as a content creator without promoting yourself. Some people do this through an agency, depending on the type of content they create and if they have the extra cash to spare. However, it’s not too difficult to promote yourself. There are a few important things to remember if you’re looking to promote your content. These four tips will be helpful to you when trying to promote yourself.

1. Create a consistent social media presence

This is the single biggest secret to being a successful content creator. No matter what platform you focus on, you need to ensure you post as often as possible and upload only high-quality content. If you primarily focus on YouTube, don’t neglect the marketing potential of Instagram. Diversifying your social media presence will garner more attention for your content. Use platforms that offer stories, as this will boost your exposure without overloading your feed. You can create authentic growth and self-promote by being smart about using social media. Stay on the pulse of current trends and upload relevant content to your target audience. Where available, use hashtags and regular tags to increase your reach. When first starting, it’s critical that you engage with the content you’ve posted. This means responding to comments, posting follow-ups where applicable, and engaging your audience. The key to growing a following is consistency. You must try to upload quality content at least a few times weekly. When posting still-form content, such as Instagram photos, be aware of the “theme” of your feed. The general feeling of your content should be cohesive, especially on platforms like Instagram, where any mismatched posts will stand out clearly.

2. Try to engage with brands you want to work with in the future

Once you’ve nailed your niche and audience, you can start looking for brands that cater to the same audience as you. It’s a great idea to produce content highlighting, or at least mentioning, the specific brand you want to work with. By creating a TikTok, for example, of a popular makeup product that goes viral, you will be substantially more likely to receive an offer from that company. Participating in trends or challenges hosted by brands is also sometimes useful. There is also a possibility that a brand might discover you through commenting or engaging with the content they post. Every brand has a social media presence nowadays, so finding ways to engage should not be too difficult.

3. Contact companies and brands directly

The subtle, organic approach doesn’t always work out. If you are serious about working with a specific brand, there’s nothing wrong with contacting them directly! You will likely have better luck with smaller brands, especially when starting out. Before reaching out to any brand, ensure that your profile or page is attractive to that company. No brand will partner with someone with 200 followers and mediocre content. It will be a tremendous advantage if your target audience aligns with the brand’s target audience and you have a solid following within that demographic. Don’t be afraid to show them your analytics, which shows your engagement and will prove to the brand you want to work with that you are a worthwhile investment. Do not open your communication by asking for a sponsorship or free products; popular brands get hundreds of these messages daily. You need to demonstrate your value and offer a partnership– something that will be mutually beneficial to both you and the brand.

4. Level up your content creation game

One of the best ways to self-promote requires no self-promotion at all. If you continuously improve your content, you will organically grow your following by delivering consistently higher quality. Whether this means buying a new camera, upgrading your microphone, or getting a green screen, you can improve the quality of your content in numerous ways. It’s not simply about making new purchases; leveling up your content creation also means improving the content, itself. Pay attention to current trends among that demographic to make a more significant impression on your audience. Use analytics to see which content is more engaging, and let that serve as a guide to your audience’s wants. Comments, if applicable, are helpful when gauging public perception. Whatever you choose, leveling up your content creation game will help promote you!

Bonus Tip: If you are still trying to figure out ways to promote your content, there is nothing wrong with seeking assistance from a professional. Plenty of individuals and businesses seek to help content creators expand their platforms. If you choose this route, ensure you are only seeking qualified individuals or agencies with a reputable history. Unfortunately, there are “promoters” and “agencies” who only exist to scam you and make you pay for services they cannot provide.

Promoting yourself as a content creator doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge.

Self-promotion doesn’t have to be gimmicky or tacky. In fact, mass posting to your Facebook friends and begging them to support your content will not only annoy people on your feed, but it isn’t going to generate the kind of growth you want. The best way to promote yourself as a content creator is to take a holistic approach. Try out a few of these tips. When combined, they will be far more effective than doing one alone. At the end of the day, there is no singular path to success. Whatever your goals and the content you create, you can leverage these tips to help you reach new heights. While you’re working hard to promote your content, don’t forget to have fun along the way!