Joining affiliate programs is one of the best ways for creators to monetize their social media accounts. Affiliate programs are a win-win-win for everyone; creators earn commissions, brands reach more customers, and followers get high-quality product recommendations from someone they trust. The best part about joining affiliate programs is the potential to make passive income.

How do affiliate programs work?

It’s simple — creators can earn from affiliate programs by recommending products and services. When you link to specific products or services using your unique tracking link, you earn a commission anytime someone purchases using your link.

Now that you know how affiliate programs work, you should know the best programs to join. Keep reading to find out!

Amazon Associates

With millions of products, Amazon has the number one program for creators to join. Whether you’re a mommy blogger, lifestyle influencer, electronics reviewer, or closet organizer, you should sign up for Amazon Associates. The online retail giant ships to 100 countries, and its affiliate program is open to creators in over 50 countries and territories.

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. Bloggers, publishers, and content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app can participate in this program. The only caveat is once you sign up, you must produce three sales within 180 days of joining.

Commission rates range from 1% to 20% per sale, depending on the product category. All commission payments are paid out 60 days from the end of the month they’re earned in by bank account transfer, check, or Amazon gift card.

Walmart Creator

The Walmart Creator program is similar to Amazon’s, as creators can earn a commission by recommending Walmart products to their audience. Walmart is the biggest retailer worldwide, so it’s no wonder their program attracts many creators.

Unlike many other affiliate programs, Walmart doesn’t have a follower requirement, making It easier for creators to get approved for the program.

Once approved, Walmart will provide creators with an affiliate tracking link to products. The link is good for 14 days; if a sale is made within 14 days, the creator will earn a commission.

Affiliate commissions through the Walmart Creator program range from 0% to 18%. Creators can also receive free products to promote and invites to exclusive Walmart events, brand launches, and themed campaigns.


ShareASale has been one of the most popular affiliate programs for over two decades. ShareASale offers more than 20,000 retail affiliate programs across over 39 consumer categories.

There are no major requirements to be approved for the platform, as you only need a website.

Commission rates vary depending on the products category and range between 5% per sale and a whopping 50%+ for some products.

Payments are made on the 20th of every month for sales made in the previous month.

The affiliate network also offers free access to training webinars, resources, and other helpful marketing materials to help creators get the most out of the program.


Formerly Rewardstyle, LikeToKnow (LTK) is home to over 7,000 brands, 200,000 creators, and 8 million monthly shoppers.

The platform would benefit lifestyle bloggers, style influencers, and anyone wanting to share products in the food, beverage, home, and travel categories. LTK partners with huge brands like as eBay, Wayfair, and Macy’s.

To qualify for LTK, creators must have a public social media profile, an engaged following on at least one platform, and high-quality content.

Upon joining, creators get access to their personalized shop, retargeting capabilities, and help with creating shoppable content.

Commission rates vary between brands, and payments are made every two weeks as long as you hit the $100 threshold.