There’s no better way to make money online as a creator than by selling digital products. There are so many amazing benefits to selling digital products:

  • There’s no/low overhead
  • You create once and sell forever
  • Passive income
  • You don’t need to hold inventory
  • Customers receive their products immediately after purchase

Digital products have retired many millennials, and you could be next. You may wonder what the best digital products to sell are and how to create them. This blog post will cover five digital products you can create using the free web design platform, Canva.

Printable Wall Art

Printable or downloadable wall art has gained massive popularity over the past few years because of its versatility. Consumers love the minimalistic vibe they get from downloadable wall art and that they can print it themselves. You can easily create simple designs in PDF format on Canva, create a photo mockup of your wall art, and list it for sale on Etsy or your own website or blog. Once a customer makes a purchase, they will receive their download, print, frame, and hang it. It’s that simple.

Printable Planner Sheets

Printable planner sheets are trendy among the blogging and planning community. Printable planner sheets work the same way as digital planners, except customers will print the pages themselves. You can use Canva to create these sheets, and they offer hundreds of planner templates to get you started. You can sell the sheets individually or in bundles. Once you have your sheets created, you will save them as a PDF file and then upload them to your website, blog, or selling platform of choice. Sarah Titus is a mom and blogger who has earned millions from selling printable planner sheets on her blog using Pinterest to drive traffic


Templates are an excellent way to make passive income online. Templates allow the customer to create exactly what they want without spending a ton of time doing it by customizing it a little. There are many different types of templates you can make in Canva:

  • Social media post templates
  • Resume templates
  • E-book templates
  • Planner templates
  • Blog banners
  • Ad copy templates
  • Invitation templates

You can create numerous templates right in Canva to be well on your way to creating passive income.


E-books have grown in popularity throughout the years because they are convenient for the customer. Not only do customers get the information immediately, but they don’t have to worry about books taking up a ton of space. If you have information to share with the world, putting it in an E-book and selling it is a great way to earn money digitally. Canva has hundreds of E-book templates to help you create your E-book fast. Simply add your content, change the colors and fonts, and list it for sale.


Guides, like E-books, are a great way to put information out there. If you have information to share but want to avoid creating an E-book, you can easily create a simple guide using Canva. Some examples of guides you can create:

  • Recipe guide
  • Budgeting guide
  • Manifestation guide
  • Weight loss guide
  • Blogging guide

Downloadable guides are highly profitable because they offer a quick, inexpensive way to learn information or a new skill. You can teach someone anything from how to knit to how to increase their productivity. Creating a guide in Canva can be done quickly, and you’ll be on your way to making passive income.

So, which one of these digital products will you create? Leave a comment below!