Many creators wonder what brands look for when working with a new creator. There are many misconceptions about brand partnerships. Many creators believe that brands only want to work with the same creators over and over, and others think you have to have a million followers to land consistent brand deals. Both are just myths. Several factors make a brand partnership happen. Here are five things brands look for when working with creators.

Good engagement

Engagement is the number one thing that brands look for when working with a creator. Whether you have the biggest following or a smaller following, brands want to know that your audience is not only seeing your content but also interacting with it. Brands don’t want to pay a creator with tons of followers to promote their product/service if their audience doesn’t interact with their content. Views, likes, comments, saves and shares all matter big time when it comes to potentially partnering with a brand.

Relevant experience

Brands want to know that you’ve done this before or if you’re just starting out — that you have what it takes. To showcase your experience, you can create a portfolio that shares your work from past campaigns. If you don’t have any experience, you can showcase sample content that you’ve created on your own. Brands want to see the type of content you can create, and there’s no better way to show them than by having case studies or samples you’ve put together.

Quick response time

This is an often overlooked quality that brands are looking for. It’s so important to have a quick response time when potentially working with brands. They want to know that you’re serious, can be accessed when needed, and are on top of your stuff. For big companies, time is money, and so many opportunities can be missed by dragging your feet. What if a brand client came to you wanting to do a last-minute promotion before a big sale they’re running, but you don’t get back to them until the following day? You just missed out on working with them, and that can definitely cost you in the future.

Know the language

As a content creator, it’s important that you know and can speak business and marketing language. It’s rare to come across creators that know the language, but brands don’t overlook this ability. Understanding the terms surrounding business and marketing is a must because brands are in it to make money, and they only want to work with professionals who know and understand the lingo. When you know the language, you can get ahead and stand out as a content creator.

Real testimonials

Testimonials from brands or previous clients are rare, but if you can get into the habit of requiring a testimonial once the client has received their content, it would really help you in the long run. Real testimonials from brands you’ve worked with can come in handy and help you stand out. Brands trust other brands, so when they see a testimonial of yours from a brand they know, like, and trust, it’s going to seal the deal for you.

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