So, you’re a content creator but do you have what it takes to become a successful content creator? Becoming a successful content creator takes more than being able to take photos and videos. You need people skills, research skills, and a few marketing skills. If your goal is to take content creation seriously and become the best, there are some do’s and don’ts of the game. Keep reading to discover the five do’s and don’ts to becoming a successful content creator.

Don’t think you need a ton of followers

No magical number of followers will make you feel like you’re a successful creator. The truth is brands don’t really care about the number of followers you have. They only care about the influence you have over your audience. What’s more important than a follower count is the engagement rate. How often are your followers engaging with your content? Successful content creators focus on producing authentic, engaging content so their followers look forward to their posts.

Do negotiate your brand deals

Many content creators fail to negotiate their brand deals out of fear that the brand will decline to work with them. Negotiations are a part of business and brands understand that. Get paid your worth. All they can say is “no.” You don’t want to accept the bare minimum out of fear. Brands can appreciate when a creator is ballsy and not afraid to speak up for themselves.

Don’t accept free products

When was the last time your bank accepted free products as a deposit? Free products will not pay your bills. So, never accept free products from brands. You can and should always charge your worth for the content you create. Many creators feel they need to accept free products at the beginning of their careers to make a name for themselves, but it backfires. Brands do not want to pay you, even once you’ve proven your worth. Play it safe, and always charge for your content.

Do have multiple streams

Successful creators know they can’t rely on brand deals or affiliate income. You need to create your own income streams by monetizing your content. You can do this in numerous ways:

  • Digital products
  • Coaching/consulting services
  • Putting content behind paywalls
  • Sending out paid newsletters
  • Building up a paid subscriber base

There are so many ways to get paid as a creator. Never put all of your eggs in one basket by relying on social media and brands to pay you.

Don’t work with just anyone

So many creators make the mistake of collaborating with anyone. When you have an audience, you have to think about them. You have to work with brands that align with your audience. Promoting just anyone is a great way to lose followers and disconnect with your audience. Do your due diligence when a brand contacts you. Know what is required of you and ensure the collaboration will provide value for you and the brand. Successful content creators focus on long-term audience connection rather than short-term financial gain.

Do believe in yourself

To succeed at anything, you have to believe in yourself. Successful content creators know that they have what it takes. If you lack confidence now, fake it until you make it. Surround yourself with positive people, recite positive affirmations, and seek inspiration to motivate you. The only way to succeed is by doing. So, get to work.