During the holiday season, there’s nothing better than putting on your warmest clothes, cozying up on the couch with a warm drink, and watching something Christmasy. Christmas movies are the best, and there’s nothing like enjoying the classics each year. However, today, YouTube is the best place to go for content that’s going to really inspire you and get you in the Christmas spirit. Here are the seven of the best Christmas vlogs to get you in the holiday spirit.

Flying the Nest is a channel with over 1.2 million followers, ran by a couple who enjoy traveling all over the world. The couple has traveled all over; from Paris to New Zealand. The travel bloggers share everything from where to stay, what to see and where to eat when throughout their travels. They blog about everything on their travel blog. This particular Christmas vlog is so inspiring. The couple visit Hamburg & Amsterdam, where they visit a beautiful Christmas Market and enjoy delicious foods, hot chocolate, and sight see. This vlog is sure to put you in the mood for Christmas and some traveling.

Michelle Reed is a 23-year-old YouTuber based in Dallas, TX who shares lifestyle content. You can find everything from day in the life and get ready with me videos to yummy recipes and home decor videos. Michelle has 447,000 followers on YouTube and has a great community with plenty of engagement. This particular Christmas vlog covers Michelle shopping and decorating for Christmas. She has a gorgeous apartment downtown Dallas with beautiful skyline views. She puts up her tree, decorates her balcony, and makes a nice meal for her husband. Her cozy aesthetic will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit, making you want to light up a candle and turn on some Christmas music immediately.

Shot of the Yeagers run a YouTube channel with over 5.8 million subscribers. The Yeagers are a family of eight who enjoy creating family content. This particular Christmas vlog features the family wanting to put up Christmas decorations, but they get a surprise visit from The Grinch, himself. So, the family comes up with a plan to get their Christmas back. It’s such a cute little video that you’d definitely want to watch it with kids. Baking some cookies and having a hot chocolate while watching couldn’t hurt.

Allison Bicker is a lifestyle vlogger based in Florida. Her channel with over 362,000 followers has a gorgeous, chill aesthetic to it. The creator loves to travel and post home decor and cooking videos. In this particular Christmas vlog, the creator travels to Chicago for all the Christmas festivities. Her and her husband enjoyed everything Chicago had to offer. They visited bakeries, enjoyed looking at Christmas lights, had delicious Chicago foods, and even went ice skating. This vlog will make you want to book a Christmas vacay right now.

HJ Evelyn is a YouTube channel ran by Evelyn Ha, one of the Ha Sisters. The channel has over 2.6 million subscribers and she shares fun content that she films with her sisters. You can find everything from day in the life videos to trendy challenges. In this particular Christmas vlog, the family is getting ready for Christmas. They’re decorating, baking cookies, and they even go ice skating. This vlog will put you in the mood for Christmas and make you want to spend time with your family.

Vanessa Tiiu is a lifestyle vlogger who shares day in the life videos, health and fitness, along with some fashion sprinkled in. Her channel, which has a lovely aesthetic, has 508,000 subscribers. In this particular Christmas vlog, Vanessa is cozy at home while getting in the Christmas spirit. She decorates the house and bakes cookies. The next day, she visits a Christmas market with her partner and the two enjoy a nice day eating and shopping. This vlog will give you all of the Christmas feels.

The LaBrant Fam is a YouTube channel ran by a family of six. The family posts family-style content; everything from pranks and challenges to regular day in the life vlogs. The LaBrant Fam has over 13 million subscribers. In this particular Christmas vlog, the family wakes up on Christmas morning and the kids run straight for all of the gifts. The video is beautiful as you can see their gorgeous home with all of the Christmas decor and you can simply feel the love and joy through the screen.