Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencer Program are two of the biggest affiliate programs on the web. These programs allow creators to make money by sharing Amazon’s products with their audience. The billion dollar company recently rolled out something new to help the members of their programs get more out of their platform — Creator University.

Creator University is the ultimate education resource for Amazon Influencers. Within the free university, creators will be able to maximize earnings, find deals to share with their audience, connect with other influencers, and so much more.

If you’re not a member of Amazon Associates or Amazon Influencers, you must apply and be approved before using Creator University. If you’re already a member, you’ll simply complete the onboarding process.

Creators can refer to Creator University for education, video tutorials, testimonials, inspiration and more as they build their business with Amazon. Keep reading to find out more features that Creator University will offer.

Searchable content on storefronts

Members of Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencers have an Amazon storefront that displays all of the products that they use, recommend, and want to share with their audience. Amazon just rolled out a feature that allows for customers to search for products right from a creator’s storefront. Products can be found easier when creators include relevant titles and captions on their posts.

New video tab

Amazon recently launched a new feature called Inspire. The online retail giant calls it a new way for creators to earn. Inspire is a new in-app shopping feed that’s personalized with shoppable photos and videos tailored to customers’ selected interests and engagement. Creators can earn even more by creating and uploading video content to their storefronts. For example: Fitness influencers can create videos showing off their favorite fitness gear and customers can shop right from watching the content. Video content appears under the new video tab on creators’ storefronts.

New features in Idea Lists

An Idea List are curated lists of products that creators can put together enabling their followers to shop on their Amazon storefront. When creators group their recommendations into categories — aka Idea Lists — their followers get an organized, on-demand, and tailored shopping experience. Amazon has upgraded Idea Lists to make it easier for creators to use. It’s now easier for creators to tag products, add captions, and access affiliate links. You also have the ability to save drafts so you finish your list or post at a later time.

Benefits of being a member of Amazon’s programs

In addition to having access to the new Creator University, there are many awesome perks to being an Amazon Associate or Influencer. Millions of people shop on Amazon daily, and creators can leverage this by becoming a member of one of Amazon’s programs. Some of the benefits to joining:

  • Access to Creator University
  • Share your favorites with your audience
  • Entertain and engage your audience with live-stream
  • Utilize video content right on your storefront
  • Promote more than just products — Amazon Music, Audible, Prime Video, etc.
  • Partner with huge brands for extra commission — Reebok, Microsoft, Anker, and more.
  • Sell internationally
  • Create your own merchandise using Amazon Merch

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons to partner with the world’s biggest online retailer. Not only can you maximize your earnings as a creator but you’ll get all the help you need in doing so because the more you succeed, the more Amazon succeeds.

What do you think of the new Creator University? Leave a comment below!