There are many reasons why people read. Some read for education, some read to take their mind off things, and others read to help them get through life. If you enjoy reading and are always looking to add more books to your reading list, look no further. An entire side of Instagram is dedicated to book reviews and recommendations — #Bookstagram. If you search the hashtag on Instagram, you’ll find over 85 million posts. Users on this side of Instagram share book reviews and recommendations for fiction and non-fiction books. This blog post will share the best #Bookstagrams to find your next non-fiction read!

@BooksforWealth is a Bookstagram on a mission to empower people to achieve more. This account provides book recommendations for all types of non-fiction reads, from self-help books to books about building wealth. Some of their most popular posts include:

  • 30 Books to Read in 2022
  • 5 Books to Become Financially Free
  • 5 Books to Understand People Better

They also provide honest reviews, so if you’re someone who enjoys these types of reads and rely heavily on reviews, this is the account to check out. One of the best things about this Bookstagram is they often share excerpts from really good reads. The quotes are always very empowering and inspiring.

@BooksWithAkshara is a Bookstagram that shares non-fiction recommendations and inspiration. The feed is filled with colossal book stacks to inspire your next read. The lady behind the account enjoys sharing motivational excerpts from the books she reads. She also shares tons of engaging book content, such as:

  • 7 Must-Read Books on Relationships
  • 7 Books You Can Read in a Day
  • 9 Books Every Girl Boss Needs to Read

Also sprinkled in are reviews on fiction novels. If you enjoy reading fiction for escapism, this is definitely the Bookstagram to check out.

@PowerbyBooks is a Bookstagram account dedicated to helping people harness the power of reading. Their motto is Reading is a Superpower, and it is. This Bookstagram shares life-changing books that inspire you to live a different life. They’ve shared everything from Atomic Habits to The Magic of Thinking Big. Some of their most popular posts include:

  • 7 Books on Mindset and Confidence
  • 3 Books to Master Communication Skills
  • 5 Books to Help You Start Your Business

Scrolling through this Bookstagram, you will find numerous non-fiction books and powerful excerpts from popular books. This account will undoubtedly push you to make change in your life.

@AlexandBooks_ is a Bookstagram account that focuses on non-fiction book reviews. The man behind the account is on a mission to help people read more. He shares a ton of motivational excerpts as well as reading tips. Some of the tips he shares:

  • How to Take Notes While Reading a Book
  • 5 Tips to Read More Books
  • How to Develop a Lasting Reading Habit

Alex shares interesting book content that inspires anyone to make reading a habit. Check out this Bookstagram to get smarter and learn to love reading.

@UnleashTheKnowledge is a Bookstagram that focuses on knowledge, books, and growth. This account is dedicated to helping people gain more knowledge through books in less time. Some of their most popular posts are:

  • 5 Books to Achieve Self-Mastery
  • Grow Your Wealth With These Four Books
  • 5 Books to Help You Break Bad Habits

The guy behind the account occasionally gets on video and shares reviews on some of his favorite books. He also does weekly book giveaways. With over 1,200 posts, the feed goes on forever with amazing book content. You’re sure to find your next non-fiction read here.

So, which one of these Bookstagrams are you going to check out? Leave a comment below!