Contrary to popular belief, content creators and influencers are not the same. Influencers make up a small percentage of all creators. Only 14% of creators are influencers. Many people tend to confuse the two, and while they are similar, they have several differences. A content creator is a term used to describe someone who creates some type of content; blog posts, photography, videos, reels, etc. Influencers usually have a nice size social media following. They are known for creating some type of content, however, the difference is the connection and influence they have over their audience. Still wondering what the major differences are between a creator and an influencer? Keep reading.

What creators do

Simply put, content creators create content. They create graphics, photos, videos, blog content, and more while sharing it across various channels such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, a personal blog, etc. Content creators focus on sharing high-quality content that their audience wants to consume. Because content creators are usually great at what they do, they tend to draw in a very engaged community, even if the community isn’t that big.

What influencers do

On the other hand, influencers influence their audience to buy or do something based on what they buy or do. Hence the name, influencer. Think of the fashionistas who share their #ootd (outfit of the day) and link to each piece of clothing they wear. Think of the organizing influencers who link to each item in their fridge with an affiliate link so they can get a cut of anything their followers purchase. What about the travel influencers who post themselves at a new hotel every week with a code for their followers to get a discount off of their stay? All of these different people have something in common; they’re influencing their audience to do or buy something. Influencers, usually with large followings, simply share how they live their daily lives while promoting the products and services they use along the way.

Strategies and goals

One of the biggest differences between content creators and influencers is their strategies and goals to succeed.

Content creators rely heavily on content marketing strategies. They must do a lot of research, stay on top of trends, and plan their social media posts. Creators earn money when their content converts, whether that’s through affiliate commissions, sales of digital products, ad revenue, or paid subscriptions.

Influencers work differently. Influencers collaborate with many brands and business owners to understand their marketing needs. Their main goal is to “influence” their audience, and they do this by building a strong relationship with their followers. They constantly work to increase engagement on their posts and ensure they have a high-quality online presence.

Influencers accept many brand deals and collaborations to promote products and services. In exchange for money or free products, the social media personalities upload reviews, product photos, videos, or sponsored posts on their social media accounts.

Some influencers are earning as much as some of the top professionals in the world. The average revenue for content creators is $122,000 per year if done full-time and $162,000 for influencers full-time.

Final Thoughts

Content creators focus more on creating and publishing content, while influencers focus more on audience building and promoting brands. Influencers may make up only a small part of the creator economy, but becoming one takes a ton of time and dedication. According to Adobe’s Study of Creators in the Creator Economy, about 40% of creators aspire to be business owners rather than aspiring to be an influencer.

What do you think is the most surprising difference between a content creator and an influencer?