AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has been a hotly debated topic across many industries in recent years. Many are resistant to the changes AI will bring, with some afraid that machines and software will soon replace humans in many areas of work. However, AI advancements are making waves in the creator economy, and there is no sign of this slowing down. Many creators do not realize that AI is not the enemy; AI tools can be your greatest ally as a content creator. Don’t let yourself get left behind. Here are a few ways AI is already shaking up the creator economy in 2023.

Content Creation

If you’re plugged into the creator economy, you’ve definitely heard about AI tools that can take a few general concepts and produce an entire article.

OpenAI has released programs like ChatGPT, which can hold conversations with users and generate written pieces and code. This is only one well-known example of these powerful AI tools. Others, such as PLR Robot, are optimized for blogs, articles, descriptions, and more. PLR Robot can even assist creators with SEO and advertisements.

It’s incredible how much these AI writing programs can do already, and as more people use them, they will only become more intelligent and adaptive.

Plenty of content editing programs use AI- even Grammarly’s software relies on AI to make suggestions on sentence structure and rephrasing.

These AI writing and content creation tools can generate entire outlines from only a few words. With a couple of clicks, you can have an entire blog post, product description, or video caption produced. However, creators should proceed with caution. There is nothing wrong with using these tools, but if you are producing work for someone else, always check to ensure it’s okay to use AI. Submitting a piece written by AI and passing it off as your original work is a good way to ruin a client’s trust in you. For basic content and idea generation, these AI tools are becoming increasingly popular in the creator economy space.

Idea Generation

Sometimes, creators feel stuck with what to do next. Much like writer’s block, it’s hard to work through this temporary lapse of creativity. Enter tools like the Content Idea Generator from Portent, which can quickly get the creative juices flowing again with only a few simple inputs. In 2022, popular YouTubers Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning put AI idea generation to the test. The technology has only improved with time and has become a valuable resource for many creators to jump-start new ideas.

Image Creation

Chances are, you’ve likely seen or created AI-generated images. A wealth of these programs is available, and they can do everything from creating wacky images based on keywords to showing you what you’d look like in different time periods. Most of these programs are free to use, and some are powerful enough to create what can only be described as art. If you plan to use them to generate content you will share on your personal pages, check their policies on using these images. Some AI image generators allow the pictures to be used for personal and business uses, but others do not. Some of the most popular programs for AI image generation include Jasper AI and DALL-E 2.

Task Management

Being a creator often comes with a wide and varied workload. Sometimes it’s difficult to manage a daily to-do list when focused on big-picture goals. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller and more precise pieces can boost productivity tremendously. This kind of organization is especially helpful for creators balancing multiple forms of content.

Programs like Todoist have taken note, and they’re incorporating AI into a smarter task management plan. Using Trevor AI, the Todoist app can auto-generate a list of tasks from one major goal, allowing you to track your progress step-by-step.

Creating to-do lists isn’t the only way that AI is helping creators with task management. The number of messages and emails they receive daily can be overwhelming for many creators. Unless you’re paying a personal assistant to manage the flow of communications, things can easily get lost in your inbox. Want a better way to manage these things, create automatic responses, and find what you really need fast? Yeah, AI can help with that. Plenty of AI email programs are available, but Addy AI and are two of the most popular.

AI Influencers

For those monitoring trends within the creator economy, you’ll know that influencer marketing has exploded in recent years. Social media stars have a massive sway with their audience, and companies are capitalizing on this to promote their products. However, some wildly creative companies have turned to AI influencers, which is unique and stands out from traditional influencer marketing. Often called “virtual influencers,” these superstars have fooled even perceptive followers. Take the popular example Shudu, for instance. When Fenty Beauty debuted a gorgeous woman modeling shades of their newest lipstick, nobody thought this model could be anything other than human- yet, Shudu is 100% AI. Calvin Klein did this in 2016 with Lil Miquela, and as AI technology advances, these virtual influencers will become more common.

Should we embrace AI within the creator economy?

While some reservation is to be expected, the term “AI” often carries a very negative connotation, and it shouldn’t. These programs will not take your job, nor will they ever entirely replace human thought and creativity. However, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the creator economy, and there’s no denying that fact. As we stand at the precipice of this new normal, those who embrace the future now will stand only to gain in the years to come. AI is here to stay, so start using it to your advantage sooner rather than later.