Comedian, actress, CEO B. Simone, and her best friend, former assistant, and business partner, Megan Ashley, are the duo behind the podcast, Know For Sure Pod. The two get together each week and share discussions about growth, healing, and evolution. B. Simone is trying to get closer to God, find her forever love, and manage being in the public eye. While Megan Ashley is discovering herself while going through a divorce and learning how to still be a very present mother to her three children. The weekly conversations are thought-provoking and challenge beliefs. Their audience has fallen in love with the podcast since its debut in April 2022. Since then, B. Simone and Megan Ashley have given their community more ways to connect with them and get to know them, all while going on a journey together. The podcast is becoming more than just a podcast — it’s the start of a movement. Here’s how the pair has done it.

Selling out merch

The podcast pair has their own merch that sells out whenever they drop it. Instead of offering merch all the time, the two discovered the power of launching one collection at a time. Because they only launch a specific amount of items at a time, and fans can only purchase at the time of release, it creates scarcity. This has worked really well for them, as they’ve launched two collections since the start of the podcast, and they’ve sold out both times.

Selling out live shows

B. Simone and Megan Ashley recently held their first live show in Atlanta, where they had a live discussion in front of their fans, complete with surprises, guests, music, and more. When they released the tickets to the show, it immediately sold out. After the show, the two immediately recorded a live podcast at the same venue to discuss the whole experience.

Their fans who went to the live show had nothing but amazing things to say about the experience. Many people called it life-changing; others said it was just what they needed to see and hear. Much of their audience said that they couldn’t wait until they have a live show near them.

The pair plans to tour and try to visit as many U.S. cities as possible and hope to sell out everywhere they go.

Exclusive content on Patreon

The Know For Sure Pod fans wanted a way to connect with both women more intimately. So, the podcasters created a Patreon for exclusive content and authentic connection with their audience. Fans can access the content on their Patreon for $15 per month. Access includes:

  • Weekly bonus content
  • Live hangouts with the pair
  • Voting power (fans can vote on special guests, future merch designs, & more)
  • Early access (watch all podcast episodes a day in advance & ad-free; get access to merch first)
  • Bonus prizes (chances to win merch, one-on-ones, & more)
  • Group chat (exclusive access to the pair’s Discord community)

As fans listen to the podcast each week and hear all of the gems dropped, they are convinced to join the creators’ Patreon account because they want more from them. Their raving fans often take to their comments on social media to convince others why it’s worth joining their Patreon community.

Plans for retreats

The podcast pair have plans for retreats out of the country to connect even more with their audience. They are in talks to invite between 30-50 people at a time to come along on an all-inclusive trip with them. During the retreat, they plan to record a podcast session live, have intimate discussions, go on excursions, and just relax and connect with their fans. Once they have the details together, they will share the information with their followers and allow them a chance to purchase tickets. Their audience is all for it and can’t wait for more details.

Making an Impact

The Know For Sure Pod is more than just a podcast. Almost a year old, the podcast has already helped more people than you can imagine. Since the pair is all about growth, healing, and evolution, each week, when they air an episode, they hope to encourage more people to go on a healing journey to become the best versions of themselves. Their fans constantly DM them and comment on their socials about how much the podcast resonates with them and opens their eyes to more. It has become so overwhelming for the pair, and they are thankful they can make such an impact on their audience. There’s so much more to come, as B. Simone and Megan Ashley are just getting started!

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