The most popular TikTokers made more than $55 million in 2021 alone. Some of them are making up to $500,000 for one single post. These creators first rose to fame on TikTok but are now expanding their brands and have become celebrities. Here’s exactly how much the most popular TikTokers are worth and how many followers they’ve acquired.

Josh Richards: $3 million

Josh Richards is a creator who co-hosts the Barstools podcast, has an energy drink, and has even starred in a Netflix movie. He earns money from TikTok by doing sponsored posts for brands like Cash App and Amazon. He co-founded a Venture Capitalist fund and started his own production company. Josh currently has 25.7m TikTok followers.

Bella Poarch: $12 million

Bella Poarch became famous in 2020 after going viral singing on TikTok. Originally from Texas, she served in the US Navy. Bella is able to earn from TikTok by posting sponsored content for companies like Google, Prada, and Tinder. The Filipino star released her first single last year and hopes to make a career out of her singing. Bella currently has 92m TikTok followers.

Khabi Lame: $13 million

Originally from Italy, Khabi Lame is now the most-followed creator on TikTok. Before the pandemic, he was a factory worker. At the beginning of 2020, he didn’t have a dime to his name. Khabi rose to fame after TikTok videos of him silently mocking overly complicated life hack videos went viral. Today, he’s worth over 13 million dollars. He charges brands upwards of $50,000 for a single post on TikTok and is estimated to make $200,000 per month. The creator currently has 150.4m TikTok followers.

Addison Rae: $15 million

Addison started making dancing TikTok videos as a student at LSU. After gaining millions of followers, she moved to LA to pursue creating full-time. Addison has starred in a Netflix movie, He’s All That, and shortly after, she signed a lucrative deal with Netflix to star in more movies. She’s also been featured in episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Addison also has a nice sponsorship with American Eagle for a beauty line that she helped start. Currently, Addison has 88.8m TikTok followers.

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio: $30 million

Often compared to the Kardashians, the D’Amelio sisters now have their own Hulu series. The sisters started TikTok in 2019 and gained a huge following for their dance moves. The sisters have a lucrative brand, a clothing line, and a deal with Hollister. Charli is currently a cast member of Dancing With the Stars. Charli has a net worth of $20 million, while Dixie is worth $10 million. Collectively, the sisters are worth a whopping $30 million. Charli is the second most-followed person on TikTok, with 147.5 million followers. Dixie has 57.5 million TikTok followers.