Lindsey Harrod is a model-turned-fitness instructor who’s built a huge following by inspiring others through her workout videos and motivational content. With over 205,000 Instagram followers, the fitness guru has multiple income streams stemming from her workouts. Lindsey has always had a passion for fitness, and once she gained a social media following, she was able to turn that passion into a thriving business. This blog post will cover how Lindsey has built an empire from her love of fitness.

The power of pivoting

It’s no secret that in March 2020, everyone’s lives changed forever once the pandemic hit. Businesses closed for good, many Americans found themselves out of a job, and essential workers were crowned the real heroes. For Lindsey, things changed massively for her business. In 2020, Lindsey was mainly teaching workout classes in person. Once COVID hit and the studios that she taught at got shut down, she immediately went into panic mode. That’s when Lindsey got to work to develop a plan B. The very next day after the closing announcements, Lindsey announced to her 156,000 followers at the time, that she would be posting live workouts online. Lindsey received an overwhelming amount of support when thousands of fans signed up for her classes.

Lindsey’s workout subscription

Lindsey has multiple streams of income, from brand partnerships to hosting live events. Most of her income comes from her workout subscription, where members pay her a monthly fee to access live streams and challenges.

Once Lindsey took her business completely virtual during the pandemic, she taught classes almost daily. She looked for ways to change her business model, and that’s when she thought of charging a monthly fee to access new videos and challenges. This allowed Lindsey to be a little more hands-off while bringing in passive income.

Lindsey currently offers four different packages, ranging from $45 to $119 per month.

In addition to her lucrative subscription program, Lindsey recently launched her own app. The app allows users to have access to over 200 workouts and challenges. Thousands of women have already downloaded the app to get the motivation and coaching they need to reach their fitness goals.

Lindsey’s top tips for other fitness creators

Lindsey recently interviewed with The Leap to discuss her journey. She had these tips to share with other creators who want to break into the fitness space.

  • Never be afraid to ask for help. Lindsey shared that she has had many mentors along the way that have shared feedback with her and helped her become a better trainer.
  • Be yourself and show your personality. Lindsey says it’s important to show people your personality to keep them coming back. She says there’s no point in trying to be anyone other than yourself.
  • Content is king. Lindsey says that you need to create as much content as possible. She advises creators to play around with different types of content to see what converts. The fitness instructor says that it’s important not to get discouraged when you fail, as it’s to be expected. As long as you stay consistent, you’ll succeed.