Kaya Marriott, who goes by Creating With Kaya on social media, is a blogger, content creator, and nano influencer. She shares tips and tricks for how to become successful as a content creator. Last year, Kaya was fortunate enough to earn a whopping $70,000 with less than 10,000 total followers. There are many creators who have double, even triple her following; however, they still haven’t been able to monetize their audience.

In the Youtube video below, Kaya shares exactly how she was able to earn such a substantial amount with very few followers. This blog post will outline some of the key takeaways on what contributed to her success.


Kaya says that she got super consistent. Not consistent as in creating on a schedule or posting several times per day; consistent as in regularly sharing quality content. She said that batch content creation has really helped her in staying consistent. Kaya shares that she feels the fastest way to burnout is by thinking you need to post several times per day, every day.


She diversified not only her content but also the platforms on which she was creating content.

Kaya started to branch out into different topics. She explains that while niching down is important, when it comes to creating a personal brand, you need to step outside of the box.

The creator shares that confining yourself to one niche can lead to dread, burnout, and a creative rut.

So, Kaya went back to the drawing board and started sharing content from her personal life, such as her skincare routine and working out, which led to partnerships with vitamin companies and gyms. The more she diversified what she talked about and shared; the more brand partnerships came her way.

Kaya also shared how she started to build up her reach on multiple platforms, and instead of posting different content on each platform, she simply repurposed the content she already had created.

Increased rates

The nano influencer shares how she sat down and re-evaluated what she was charging. She looked at whether she was charging her worth and matching up to what other creators were charging. She ended up increasing her rates, and this paid off tremendously.


Kaya says that what really contributed to her hitting $70,000 last year was repeat and long-term deals with certain brands. She says this is key to being a full-time content creator.

Kaya was fortunate enough to have the brands she had worked with in the past approach her for repeat campaigns. She says that you can guarantee these kinds of deals when you’re easy to work with.

Kaya likes to go above and beyond for the brands that she works with, essentially overdelivering. She shares how she does it: by offering more photos, creating an extra story slide, and sometimes sending the brand screenshots of replies she receives after posting. She said that these little details can really set you apart from other creators.

Kaya is proof that you don’t need a huge following to start monetizing your content. It all comes down to deciding what it is you want, treating it like a business instead of a hobby, and being strategic.