Matti Prettyman, who goes by @chooseyourglow on Instagram, is a full-time beauty and makeup content creator who makes about $20,000 per month. The beauty creator regularly posts reels where she applies makeup, shares her skincare routine, and tips for dealing with acne and rosacea. She recently shared an Instagram reel detailing how she can earn her income. Here’s her strategy that earns her $20,000 per month, along with a few tips she shared.

Content pillars

Matti says that when she first started, she chose five content pillars she knew she wanted to discuss on her page. A content pillar is a predetermined theme, topic, or core value that the content you post revolves around. Matti’s content pillars are skincare education, first impressions, makeup tutorials, funny trends, and sharing favorites. Having content pillars makes content creation so much easier. On days you’re feeling uninspired, returning to basics with your content pillars can make a world of difference.


Matti says that people respond really well to repetition. When you repeatedly talk about the same topic, you become a resource for your audience. The beauty creator says that talking about the same topics forces you to research and learn everything there is to know about said topics, which allows you to provide more value.

Repurpose content

When Matti first started out, she created one video per week on Instagram and TikTok on each topic, while going more in-depth on that topic in her stories. When certain videos of Matti’s would perform well, Matti would repurpose that content in various ways and share it to multiple platforms. By doing this, she was able to grow her following on different platforms without creating new content.

Being social

Matti says that the whole purpose of being on social media is to be social, and that’s what she does. In the beginning, she befriended and connected with other creators in the makeup and beauty space who inspired her. This helped her grow her audience tremendously. Matti currently has over 101,000 followers on Instagram and over 82,000 followers on TikTok.

Tips from the creator

The makeup creator says keeping content short in the beginning is ideal because when people don’t know you, they don’t want to spend all their time watching your content.

She says that you should always keep posting. Even when you don’t like the content that you’ve created, post it.

Lastly, she shared that while there’s no perfect formula, building habits that keep you consistent is key.

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