In November, Instagram introduced a new concept — Creator Portfolios. Now, creators can set up their portfolios right on Instagram. This will enable you to share your unique story, showcase your talents, and position yourself for brand partnerships.

This new tool works similarly to Creator Marketplace. The only difference with this is that influencers can showcase their individual traits without being tied to a broader collective. Users can also share their portfolios with brands directly through the in-app messaging system.

Why did Instagram launch this?

Despite Instagram being one of the most-used social apps, it’s no secret that Instagram is still trailing behind TikTok and YouTube in many ways. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube already have programs in place to reward their creators for posting valuable content. Up until now, Instagram has failed to implement anything catering to creators.

Many believe this new feature was launched to encourage more creators and influencers to share their success on Instagram instead of other platforms. By highlighting their most rewarding partnerships within their Creator Portfolio, influencers can inspire others to join simply because of the user-friendly nature of the app and the opportunity to network with potential brands.

How it works

Once you join the creator marketplace, you get to create your portfolio. To see if you’re eligible, check your Professional Dashboard. The creator portfolio is completely customizable. Creators can choose which content they want to highlight in their portfolio and share their insights. You can show brands exactly why they want to work with you by telling a little about yourself, showcasing your posts and reels, and sharing Instagram profiles of people/brands you’ve worked with.

How to set up your Creator Portfolio

First, you need to be sure you’ve joined the Creator Marketplace.

  1. Under Your tools, tap Branded content.
  2. Tap Creator portfolio.
  3. Choose a cover image.
  4. Add sections to showcase your work. You can choose from:
    1. Text: Tell about yourself and describe your work.
    2. Posts: Share your posts and Reels to show brands the type of content that interests you.
    3. Instagram profiles: Share the profiles of people and brands you’ve collaborated with.
    4. Insights: Key metrics about your followers and engagement.
      Note: You can remove and reorder a section or change its title by clicking Edit.
  5. Tap Save.

By default, your creator portfolio will only be visible to you. To change this, tap Change visibility.

Once you set your portfolio to public, brands can find and view it. You can also share your portfolio through a custom link anywhere on the web.

How to get your portfolio to stand out

It’s important to stand out among other creators to increase your chances of working with your “dream brand.” For your portfolio to stand out, you should:

  • Use only high-quality images. This will let brands know that you take pride in the work that you produce, and they will know that they’re going to receive the best images.
  • Only showcase your best work. It can be tempting to show everything you’ve done, but it’s important only to show your best work so that brands know what you’re capable of.
  • Take advantage of text descriptions. A short text description can give more context to your work and can help brands envision your creative intentions within a campaign.

Will you be creating your own creator portfolio? Right now, it isn’t available to everyone

So what do you think of Instagram rolling out this new feature? Leave a comment below!