Amp is a new Amazon-owned app that allows creators to create live “radio shows” where they can act as a DJ by taking callers and playing songs from its licensed song catalog. Amp’s music library is stacked with tens of millions of songs, so it’s easy to cater to your audience.

Amp allows anyone to create their own show, and getting started is super easy. With the new app, you can let your creativity shine whether you want to play music or discuss what’s happening in sports or pop culture. You can share your opinion on hot topics or curate playlists for listeners with the same music taste. Listeners can call in to live shows and talk with hosts in real time. With Amp, the mic is yours, and Amazon is focused on allowing creators — big or small — to be heard. So, how can creators get started?

Getting started

Users will sign up with their Amazon credentials or sign up by creating a new Amazon account. It’s free to create an account and get started. Simply decide on a show title, create a playlist, and you’re seconds away from streaming your own radio show and taking live callers.

If you’re not ready to host your own show, Amp is home to some of the world’s best entertainers. Download the app to tune into top creators, athletes, and artists hosting their own shows. You can also discover new creators before they’ve made it big.

Amp Creator Fund

So, how can creators get paid on Amp? The Amazon-owned app pays creators in the form of “rewards.” The Amp Creator Fund is a program focused on allowing qualifying Amp creators to monetize what they do best: create. Whether it’s a hobby or a passion, get rewarded for your dedication and creativity on Amp.

As long as creators meet certain criteria, they can make money on Amp. Creators can make a show about whatever they want and make money doing so. All you need to do is start creating, and you’ll be eligible for monthly rewards. If a show host ends up being one of the top creators for the month, Amp will send them a bonus.

Rewards are paid out once per month. If you’ve earned a reward from the Amp Creator Fund, you’ll receive an email from Amp by the middle of the following month. For example, if you earned a reward in May, you’ll receive an email in June. The email will include your reward amount and information on how to enter your payment information. If you didn’t earn rewards in a given month, no worries. The Amp team evaluates and rewards creators every month, so all creators get a fresh start each month.

Big names on Amp

Some big names are currently hosting shows on Amp and using their influence to get other creators to create shows.

Nicki Minaj hosts her show, Queen Radio, which originally launched in 2022. Other big names who have shows on Amp are singer-songwriter Pusha T, singer-songwriter Tinashe, former rapper Joe Budden, Travis Barker, Lil’ Yachty, Big Boi, and Halsey. These stars have responded well to the new app, as it’s allowed them to connect even more with their fans.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is focused on helping creators monetize their passions and get discovered through Amp. The company is working on major updates for the app and encouraging new creators to come along for the journey. There are infinite opportunities with live audio technology that has yet to scratch the surface. Amp is bringing the cultural experience to live audio by creating a space for shows curated by everyday people.

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