Finding work that excites you and connecting with potential clients are freelancers’ biggest struggles. If you’re a freelancer who’s been having trouble landing decent-paying clients, Contra can help. Contra is on a mission to help freelancers and creators work the way they want. The one-stop platform is proud to help freelancers, whom they call independents, get paid completely commission-free while offering many useful features, such as upfront payments and contract automation. Whether you are a freelance writer, graphic designer, or video editor, Contra can help you find amazing opportunities.

How does Contra work?

With Contra, you’re your own boss. Contra allows anyone to work for themselves by creating a digital portfolio, earning commission-free, and being discovered by clients globally. The platform is two-sided — on one side, freelancers are showcasing their past work and services offered. On the other side, you have clients who can post remote job opportunities and invite freelancers to work on projects.

What kind of skills can be monetized on Contra?

On Contra’s homepage, you can see that there are five main categories to choose from — Design, Engineering, Marketing, Social Media, and Writing. So, whether you are:

  • A social media Graphic Designer
  • E-mail marketer
  • Podcast Producer
  • Blog Post Writer, or
  • Web Developer

you can benefit from taking advantage of Contra.

How can creators benefit from using Contra?

There are many great benefits associated with using Contra:

Commission-free payments: Contra prides itself on commission-free payments, meaning that they take 0% commission. Other freelancing sites take between 5-20% of your total profit. On Contra wants their freelancers to get all of their hard-earned money. This is the biggest benefit to creators.

Community: Contra is a community-driven platform. Freelancing from home and working for yourself can be lonesome, especially if you don’t have access to a community of like-minded individuals. One major benefit of joining Contra is networking with a Slack community of nearly 10,000 freelancers.

Tools: Some tools creators can take advantage of on the platform are built-in contracts, upfront payments, and the ability to manage all work in one place. These things are often struggles for many freelancers. Contra’s goal is to remove any confusion from the process and make it as seamless as possible. Contra also has a feature that allows freelancers to invite anyone not already on the platform. This makes it simple for anyone to join Contra by streamlining the process and allowing clients to kickstart their projects easily.

Fair pay: Freelancers are exhausted from not being paid their worth. Contra helps combat that by never allowing jobs to be posted that are below the value of $25/hour. So, clients are sure that the job will get done, and freelancers are guaranteed to be paid fairly.

How can creators get work?

Once you join as a freelancer, you create a profile by sharing your skills and services offered. After that, clients can reach out to you, and you can kickstart a project together.

There’s also a matching network where Contra takes the information from your profile and does its best to match you with a remote job that aligns with your services offered. If you are interested, you can apply. If the client feels you’d be a good fit, they can reach out to you to hire you.

What makes Contra different?

Contra is focused on community, and the platform allows freelancers to easily connect with one another.

Unlike LinkedIn, where profiles are based on your role, Contra helps you communicate your skills by having you showcase your past projects online.

Contra is also much more high-quality than sites like Fiverr and Upwork, where freelancers can sometimes get paid pennies for their work.

So, what do you think? Will you give Contra a try? Leave a comment below!