Darius Williams of DariusCooks.tv is a food blogger and social media sensation with 663,000 followers on Instagram. Darius has been a food blogger for over a decade now and has gained popularity online by his easy recipes, sense of humor, and transparency throughout the years. The Atlanta food blogger has a net worth of $1.5 million and is known for selling out merch and dinner party tickets in just a few minutes. This blog post will share how Darius has made his millions by having multiple lucrative income streams.

Physical Products

On Darius’ little corner of the internet, you can find all of the products he offers — and it’s an extensive product line. The chef’s physical product line includes:

  • Physical cookbooks
  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Aprons
  • Wine glasses
  • A pressure cooker
  • An air fryer
  • Pots and pans
  • A knife set
  • A cutting board

Darius’ product line is very popular with his customers and supporters, as anytime a new item drops, he quickly sells out. Customers have complimented the quality and durability of the food blogger’s cookware line.

Digital Products

In addition to physical cookbooks, Darius also sells digital ones for customers who don’t want to wait on the mail to start whipping up delicious recipes. The social media influencer offers several different E-cook books that can be downloaded right after purchase:

  • 101 Holiday Recipes
  • Everyday Keto (Keto recipes)
  • Vegan But With Soul (Vegan recipes)
  • Stories from My Grandmother’s Kitchen (His grandmother’s recipes)
  • Apply Pressure but With Soul (Pressure cooker recipes)

This is an evergreen source of passive income for Darius, as he created the E-cook books once and never has to ship anything. As soon as the customer pays, they receive the cookbook via e-mail. The chef can sell these cookbooks in his sleep.

Ad Revenue

While Darius has a YouTube channel with over 350K subscribers, his channel is not monetized. It is unclear whether that’s due to him choosing not to monetize it, or it could be due to YouTube demonetizing his channel at some point in the past. However, Darius does have ads placed all over his website, so he does receive ad revenue anytime users click on the ads. This is a nice chunk of passive income, seeing as to how his website receives 60,000 views per month and is ranked just over 100,000 in the United States.


Darius has built a loyal following throughout the years and has supporters all over the United States — even internationally. His fans couldn’t get enough of watching Darius cook on screen, and they started asking Darius to come to their cities. That’s when the superstar chef decided to take his talents on the road by beginning Dining With Darius and Cooking With Darius — events that often sell out within minutes. Dining With Darius is a dinner party hosted by the food blogger, where he cooks a seven-course meal and connects and engages with his guests. Darius will be touring 50 U.S. cities in 2023, from Chicago to Los Angeles, and most of the cities are already sold out. Cooking With Darius was an event where guests could cook a meal with the chef, but he hasn’t offered this experience in a few years.

Darius’ love for cooking shines through his online presence, and following his passion has paid off for him in tremendous ways. Since the creator’s net worth reached $1M, he’s purchased a home in cash, bought the woman who cared for him as a child a new car and has helped bring in business for restaurants by trying them out and reviewing them on YouTube. The food-loving chef proves that following your passions can and will pay off if you get creative and work.