Amazon launched its limited-edition fashion line, The Drop, a few years ago. The fashion brand has experienced huge success by collaborating with notable Instagram influencers with loyal, engaged followers.

The Drop is a series of influencer-designed collections highlighting current fashion trends and delivering statement pieces. Every few weeks, Amazon releases a new collection designed by an Instagram star.

The Drop was launched for anyone who’s ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, “Wow, I love her style,” or “Where can I get those shoes?.”

Amazon is no stranger to the fashion industry, as the billion-dollar company began selling apparel in 2002, acquired Zappos in 2009, and launched Prime Wardrobe in 2018. Unsurprisingly, they wanted to dive deeper into the fashion game and use the power of influencer marketing to do so.

A new way to shop

Amazon is using the power of influencers in a way that few companies have done successfully, and the results have been amazing.

For each Drop, Amazon teams up with an influencer and creates a unique collection allowing followers to shop their style. Everything is made on demand and only available in limited quantities, with the order window closing after 30 hours of it dropping. Many items and entire collections have sold out in just a few minutes. This sense of urgency increases engagement and sales, while Amazon can limit inventory overflow at the end of the launch.

How does it work?

Once users sign up to receive text or email alerts, they will be notified whenever a new collection is about to go live. Once the collection drops, they can access the items available to shop. The collections are only live for 30 hours — sometimes less if the collection sells out. The good news is some pieces, The Drop Staples, will always be available to browse and add to cart. Like anything else purchased on Amazon, customers won’t be charged until their items ship.

How can influencers partner with Amazon?

Influencers can contact Amazon directly and share why they want to work with the retail giant. Also, fans and followers can nominate their favorite influencers to partner with Amazon. Nominations can be made here.

All anyone has to do is type in the nominee’s Instagram handle and share why they’d love to see a collection from them. Whether the nominee is an up-and-coming influencer or an already-established style icon, they may be afforded the chance to design their own collection for The Drop.

Who has dropped collections?

Many influencers have dropped collections allowing their followers to purchase items they designed. Most recently, these popular influencers have dropped hot collections:

@LoganRae_Hill, a photographer and social media influencer, recently dropped a collection of festival looks. The items were laidback staples perfect for hitting up any festival.

@LifeofTanyaMarie, a beauty and lifestyle influencer, dropped a collection of vacation-ready styles. The pieces were fun and comfortable, sure to inspire anyone to book their next vacay.

@idesign8, a fashion and beauty influencer, recently dropped her spring collection with curated items that exude femininity and confidence.

Are you an influencer who’d like to partner with Amazon on your own fashion collection or do you know someone who you’d nominate? Leave a comment below!