Thinking of starting a YouTube channel? The thought of it could seem overwhelming at first. You may think everyone has a channel, and you’re not sure it would be possible to grow as a new YouTube creator. However, there’s room for every creator serious about getting started. When starting a new YouTube channel, the most important thing to consider is creating unique content that will appeal to your audience. How do you do that? By first figuring out what types of content do well on YouTube. Here is a list of the best types of content to succeed on YouTube.

Daily Vlogs

Vlogs are simply video blogs, and many people use them as a diary to some extent. Some creators do daily vlogs where they share each and every part of their day. Others share a video montage of how their week went or highlights from a trip. Vlogs are basically the YouTube equivalent of reality television. Viewers get an inside look at the vlogger’s life, and they love it.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are super popular because people tend to do a quick Google or YouTube search before making certain purchases. Viewers want to see what others think about the products they’re interested in purchasing. Whether it’s a new electronic or kitchen gadget, people are eager to see what others think about it and watch it in action before actually buying. If you choose to do product reviews, it might be a good idea to niche down and not review all types of different products.

Shopping Hauls

Shopping hauls are trendy, especially for women and young girls. Some people can’t afford to buy all the most expensive name-brand clothes and beauty products, so they prefer to watch creators online go shopping sprees. You can create clothing shopping hauls, grocery hauls, beauty product hauls, you name it. You’d essentially record yourself shopping for the items and then show everything you purchased and where you bought it from at the end of the video.


Are you an expert at something? Are your friends always coming to you for a specific thing? Well, you could start a YouTube channel recording tutorials on that thing. Whether you know how to cook really well and want to show how you make certain recipes or if you want to share how to design really neat graphics using specific graphic design software. Just because you know how to do something and it comes easily to you doesn’t mean it comes easily to everyone else. Tutorials are gold on YouTube, hence where “YouTube University” originated.


Who doesn’t love to laugh? If you have a knack for always getting people to laugh, then maybe you should start recording funny videos or pranks. If you can come up with some really fun, original stuff, then your channel could really take off. Some YouTube channels focused on comedy and pranks generate audiences bigger than many network comedy television shows.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR videos have really taken off on YouTube lately. These types of videos are sometimes referred to as a “brain massage.” Calm sights and sounds, such as whispers, accents, and crackles, trigger it. Some really popular ASMR videos on YouTube are organizational, cleaning, and tapping videos, where creators will tap anything from books to windows. These videos are achieved using a special type of microphone that you can attach easily to your iPhone or other recording devices.

So, which type of content interests you the most? Leave a comment below!