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This Creator Earned Over $100K From Pinterest Last Year


This Creator Earned Over $100K From Pinterest Last Year

Pinterest, along with Instagram and TikTok, is paving the way for creators to monetize their content. The Pinterest Creator Fund offers a $25,000 grant to help deserving creators with equipment and resources to grow their reach.

One content creator, Oyin Edogi, has used this program to her advantage and has found much success on the platform. Edogi, who started out as a blogger, is now a beauty and travel influencer who earned over $100,000 from Pinterest in 2021.

Edogi started her blog, Sweet Like Oyin, several years back as a creative outlet. On her blog, she shares all things beauty, travel, and personal development.

Edogi first joined Pinterest for fun, as she told Insider that she didn’t realize the power of the platform. In 2020, with only a few thousand followers, she was able to start monetizing her Pinterest account.

Over time, Edogi was able to position herself as a ‘top pinner’— a creator who pinned other creators’ work as well as creating their own pins. This caught the eye of Pinterest, themselves, when they reached out to her directly to offer her that first paid campaign.

In May 2021 when Pinterest rolled out their Creator Fund, Edogi and other creators were hand-selected by Pinterest to join. After joining the fund, Edogi’s Pinterest views skyrocketed.

In addition to the Fund, Edogi has gotten to work with popular brands like Ulta. She was able to finish out 2021 with over $100,000 in earnings which came from her partnership with Pinterest TV, as well as sponsored brand posts.

Edogi shared with Insider that the Creator Fund experience helped her network with other creatives in the business, learn new techniques for building and scaling her personal brand, and gave her a deeper understanding of how Pinterest’s analytics work.

Edogi shared with Insider some tips for success on Pinterest.

She said there’s a secret formula as a Pinterest creator to attract followers, pinners, and paid partnerships.

First and foremost, you must pin. Each Pinterest creator has their own boards on their profile that represent the things that interest them. Within these boards, you can create your own pins. Pins allow your profile to become more visible because you can include a series of photos, videos, or a combination of both. The more people pin your ideas, the more visibility you create, so it’s important to have colorful, inviting content that others want to share, she said.

Edogi encourages those who want success on Pinterest to pin their own and others’ pins at least three to five times per day to gain traction. “Consistency on Pinterest is key,” Edogi said.

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