Joshua Erabu is a social media content creator who creates content on all things finances. You can find him on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. Josh started creating content on TikTok and Instagram in November 2021, but he’s been on Youtube since 2018. Recently, Josh took to TikTok to create a video giving an overview of how much money he earned in June 2022 from social media. This blog post will outline exactly how the content creator was able to earn a whopping $27,000 for June.

Here’s the breakdown of how Josh is able to earn five figures from social media each month.

TikTok Creator Fund: $100

Josh explains that he made an “insulting” $100 from the TikTok Creator Fund for over 3 million views. The TikTok Creator Fund pays content creators who meet certain criteria for the videos they share on the platform. How much a creator can earn depends on the views their videos receive, engagement, as well as if the video meets the guidelines. Many creators have noticed that they’re being slighted when it comes to getting paid what they feel their videos are worth. Do you feel $100 is adequate for having over 3 million views on TikTok?

Instagram Reels Bonus: $131.85

The Instagram Reels Bonus is similar to the TikTok Creator Fund. Instagram says that they reward their creators with bonuses for views and engagement on their reels. Josh said that Instagram pays more per view than TikTok, but he says that he posts more on TikTok.

Affiliates: $190.48

Josh was able to bring in almost $200 from affiliates. This could be from products he’s affiliated with, where he shares the links with his audience and earns a commission anytime someone makes a purchase. He could also be affiliated with certain websites and apps that he shares with his audience, and anytime someone signs up, he’s paid a commission. Affiliate income is one of the easiest and smartest ways of earning an income from a social media following.

Consulting: $240.78

Consulting made Josh a nice amount for the month of June. More than likely, he’s speaking with aspiring content creators sharing his knowledge, and by helping them develop a plan to get started creating content. This is also a great way to diversify your income as a content creator, especially when you don’t want to rely on creator funds and bonuses.

Youtube: $544.99

Youtube paid Josh over $500 for the month of June. Josh makes a lot of Youtube videos and seems to be very passionate about doing so. Whenever people watch his Youtube videos, there are ads that pop up, and Josh gets paid from those ads. The more people who watch your Youtube videos in their entirety, the more money you can earn from Youtube.

Brand deals: $26,000

Brand deals were responsible for the bulk of Josh’s income for June. Josh explained that he was required to make a couple of TikTok posts, along with Instagram reels and stories. Brand deals are when companies or brands reach out and want to collaborate with you. A company may want to sponsor a Youtube video where you shoot a video and either give an overview of their company/product, or you could make a video as you normally would but casually mention their company/product. Sometimes, brands will approach you and want you to create an Instagram post or story; same goes for TikTok. Brand deals can be very lucrative for content creators, and there’s really no cap on the amount you can make.

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