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Reach a whole new audience through live streaming and direct interaction.

Twitch has been enabling the growth of content creators for eleven years now. Many people have found immense success on it such as Ninja or xQc. It is assumed that Twitch is only for video game streamers but the platform can be used for much more than just video games. Many influencers and businesses use the Twitch platform to reach out to a larger audience. 

Twitch is a streaming platform where content creators can go live and share things you love with a community of millions. You can create a community of fans who support your content and eventually begin making an income from Twitch. If you are still unsure whether creating a Twitch account is for you, then continue reading. I will be listing the top eight reasons why using Twitch will be beneficial to you.

Streamers Can Earn a Commission

Monetizing your content on Twitch is possible in many different ways. Other than partnership and affiliation, you can monetize through bits and subscriptions, running ads, Amazon associates, bits extensions, and sponsorship. 

Subscriptions are when a fan will pay a minimum fee of $4.99 a month to support your channel and get access to your emotes. There are multiple levels available to subscribers depending on what benefits they want. 

Bits are virtual goods that your subs can use to cheer you on or celebrate a moment. Each time a subscriber uses a bit you get a $0.01 each time one is used. Bit extensions can also be used. When a bit extension is used you receive eighty percent of $0.01 and the rest will go to the extension developer.

Running ads can be used for monetization once you become partnered or affiliated with Twitch. Ad monetization will grow as the amount of subscribers you have grows. Be sure not to run too many ads as that can annoy a viewer, and always make sure to not go over three minutes of ads an hour. Amazon Associates isn’t a full blown ad but you are advertising Amazon products.

When you link specific Amazon products on your page and your subs buy the products with your link, you will make a small commission. Sponsorships happen when a third party offers to sponsor your channel if you bring their content to your stream.

Working with a sponsor that fits your niche and style will benefit not only you but the third party. You will be more likely to show off the content to your subs if you enjoy the content yourself. Earning a commission is always nice, but it isn’t the only benefit for creating a Twitch.

Having Direct Interactions Between The Streamer & Viewer

Every fan loves the thought of interacting with their favorite content creator. Whether it is just to say hello or to talk about the creation progress. Not many platforms make direct interaction between creator and fan possible. Twitch provides the opportunity for a viewer to directly message the streamer during a live stream in the chat box. Since it is during a live stream the viewer will get an immediate response back. 

People who digest content daily get small highs every time their favorite content creator interacts with them. It makes their day. It can also guarantee you more growth and income for your brand. When people feel seen and heard they are more likely to stick around and pay to see more. Direct interactions help build relationships between streamer and viewer, which makes it easy to slip in personal brand advertisements.

Streamers Are Able to Advertise Their Online Business

When having a brand many content creators will have an online business that sells merchandise. Gaining a large following can guarantee sales on your online business. Twitch’s live streaming allows content creators to advertise their online business to all their viewers. If you have a thousand viewers then that is a thousand possible customers on your online business. 

You can attach a direct link of your online business into your stream and encourage your viewers to visit the store. Fans show their devotion by supporting content creators through buying merchandise. Just like you buy your favorite band tee-shirt there are people out there who want to buy their favorite Twitch streamers tee-shirt. Money isn’t the only thing that you can gain from joining Twitch.

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Video Game Streamers Can Teach Their Skills

I know I stated that Twitch isn’t just for video game players, but Twitch is mainly composed of video game streamers. In the first quarter of 2022, Twitch accounted for 76% of the streamers were video game streamers. Many of the viewers are other gamers who are looking for a community, game entertainment, or to learn new skills. 

When a viewer watches a streamer playing a video game they can end up learning skills. Video game streamers tend to talk a lot so that they can keep their audience engaged in more than just the game. They want to keep the viewer interested in how the streamer is playing the game.

This will help teach the viewer the skills to play the game, and will keep them coming back for more. As I mentioned before, Twitch isn’t just for video games. All kinds of content creators can benefit from using Twitch.

Streaming Is A Creative Outlet

Creative brainstorming is something all content creators do, but it is far more fun and beneficial when you brainstorm with others. Streaming provides a great creative outlet for content creators. You can bounce ideas from content, overlays, or even the type of streams you run. 

Your creative juices will get flowing the more you create content and engage with your viewers. Twitch can take your creative thinking to a whole new level. The better the creative outlet is for a content creator, the better content they will produce. Creativity isn’t the only skill you will be learning though.

Learning New Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are a basic skill you need in order to have any successful brand. In order to grow your content faster than a snail’s pace you need to know how to market it. Having a Twitch can force you to learn new marketing skills so that you can grow the amount of Twitch subscribers you gain. 

The new marketing skills that you learn can help grow your social media and online business as well. You will learn to utilize and understand how to use any marketing programs. These could be used for any future career paths you choose as well. A great way to begin using your marketing skills is by finding a community of like minded people.

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Building A Like Minded Community

Being surrounded by people who enjoy doing the same things as you is thrilling. You can interact with them and grow a community with them. Being able to enter a live stream and seeing all the people with similar interests as you makes streaming ten times more enjoyable. 

When you are not live be sure to start a Discord so you can interact with your subscribers. It isn’t always about engagement through live streaming. You want to interact with your fans at all times. Growing a community of like minded people will give you the inspiration and drive to continue growing your Twitch. The last reason for creating a Twitch is the most important one, and will be the reasons you want to get started on your Twitch journey.

Creating A Twitch Is Simple

When starting a Twitch you do not need a thousand dollar set up. You can start with a simple and cheap set up. As long as it gets the job done then it will work for your Twitch. When it comes to your Twitch designs, you can either create them on Canva or hire a freelance designer to create them for you. They do not have to be extravagant and expensive, but they should at least look decent for your viewers.

Besides having a Twitch account I would recommend having a YouTube account as well. Having a Twitch and YouTube account will help you gain an audience from both platforms. You can use the YouTube account to post each of your streams so people can watch them on YouTube as well.

If you are going to create a YouTube I suggest going over my blog post about YouTube Shorts. That way you can expand on your marketing skills on YouTube and direct more people towards your Twitch account.

Creating a Twitch account would be beneficial for any content creator. Twitch can help you monetize your content through ads, subscribers and bits, and sponsorships. Twitch can create a direct interaction between the streamer and the viewers during a live stream. 

Twitch can help content creators advertise their online business to gain more retail clientele. Twitch teaches news skills to the streamers and viewers alike such as video games skills or marketing skills. Streaming on Twitch will also help provide a content creator a new creative outlet to up their content level. 

Twitch will help you build or find a community of people with similar interests as you. The one thing you need to take away from this blog is that creating a Twitch is simple and easy. Going over these eight reasons, I hope you head straight over to Twitch and get your account set up. Nothing is stopping you except yourself, so don’t be the one to get in the way of your dreams.