Book of the Month (BOTM) is a monthly book subscription where readers receive a book each month. BOTM features mostly adult fiction and non-fiction picks of all genres.

So how does it work?

Members get to choose a book or choose to skip each month. The option to skip a book each month is perfect for those who are not fast readers.

Each month, BOTM features 5-7 interesting reads based on your interests. You get to choose one or more, and once you receive the book(s), you read, review, and repeat.

If you’re uninterested in getting books that month, you can skip. If you forget to choose books or skip, you will be renewed for a credit to redeem the next month.

If you choose books that month, you can pick up to two add-on books — extra books you can add to your monthly box. If you’re into other books on the site, you can add up to two monthly add-ons. Choose from current monthly selections or the top books from previous months.

How much is BOTM?

Your first month’s book is $9.99, and after that, you pay between $12.50 and $16.99, depending on your membership plan. Once you’re a member, any changes to membership pricing will be communicated to you in advance via email.

Benefits of Book of the Month

  • You’ll read more. You’ll be surprised how motivated you are to read after joining. If you choose to receive more books, it will force you to want to finish it to move on to the next book.
  • You’ll spend less time searching for books. Since your books are vetted by people with great taste, you don’t have to worry about researching your next read.
  • It’s so convenient. You don’t have to leave your house or search online for books. Your new reads will just show up at your door.
  • You’ll save money. You will save money on books by purchasing a membership. You will receive a brand new hardcover book for way cheaper than you would purchase in stores, no matter your membership plan.

Why you should join

If you’re an avid reader, you will love a BOTM membership.

Many members rave about how much they enjoy receiving book mail. They really look forward to checking the mail and receiving their books. It’s nice to receive something other than bills in the mail.

If you crave talking about books, there are several online communities where you can connect with other BOTM members. You can chat with them about what you think the next picks will be and discuss your likes/dislikes of the last book you read.

If you like to stay up-to-date with new releases, it would benefit you to get a BOTM subscription because you’ll save a ton of money on those new books. Some books are even early releases, so you’ll get to read them a month or so before they’re actually released.

Have you heard of BOTM? Will you give it a try? Leave a comment below!