Many people use Pinterest for searching recipes and DIY hacks. However, Pinterest has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now one of the most popular platforms to drive traffic to websites, products, and services.

In 2021, Pinterest rolled out the Pinterest Creator Rewards program. What is Pinterest Creator Rewards, you ask? Well, per the Pinterest website:

“The Creator Rewards is a program for creators to earn money for creating original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest. Pinterest will pay creators directly for their most inspiring, quality content and organic engagement.”

Basically, the program rewards Pinterest creators for creating unique content that is shared and engaged with. This program has been a game changer for one creator who’s made a full-time income in just seven months.

Meet Jenn Leach

Jenn Leach is a freelance writer, blogger, and creator who has been using Pinterest for years to drive traffic to her blogs. She grew her Pinterest account from zero to 15,300 followers in only two years by sharing content about remote work opportunities, side hustles, money, finance, and lifestyle. As of September 2022, Jenn has earned $28,975 from Pinterest Creator Rewards.

How she got started with the program

Jenn shared with Insider that she stumbled upon the Creator Hub on her Pinterest profile, and nearly three months later, she had already made $13,000 from the program.

The Pinterest Creator Hub button can be found on any Pinterest business account’s profile eligible to be in the Pinterest Creator Rewards program. To access the Pinterest Creator Rewards, you must be over 18 and in the U.S. Other criteria for the program include having at least 250 followers and 150 saves on content published in the past month. You also need to have created three idea pins in the previous month, and you must use the Pinterest app.

When Jenn first started, she got around 4–6 campaigns per month, and each campaign was tied to a theme, such as — number of saves, pay per saves, and weekly publishing. When you click on a campaign, it tells you the requirements. You have to create a pin that meets the requirements, and you’ll earn money.

Earning potential

In April 2022, Jenn hit her “content creation” goal by posting at least one idea pin a week and was rewarded $1,300 for that campaign.

Jenn also filmed food content for a $600 campaign goal, where she created a DIY coffee drink in her kitchen. The videos only took about 10 minutes each for her to make.

You’re also able to earn rewards for simple things like $250 every time a pin gets 100 saves and sometimes the requirements can be bundled together for more money.

Her advice for maximizing the program

Jenn shared with Insider that she likes to stalk her analytics to see what content is performing the best so that she can create more of those types of pins.

Her best advice is to be consistent, create and publish your Pinterest pins three to five times per day, and take advantage of the features and tools offered, such as Pinterest trends and idea pins.

So, have you heard of Pinterest Creator Rewards? What do you think of the program? Leave a comment below!