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What to Expect from the Creator Economy in 2023

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What to Expect from the Creator Economy in 2023

The Creator Economy is steadily evolving and has grown by over 165 million people globally within the past two years. With that many creators, the Creator Economy is expected only to skyrocket. With that being said, influencer marketing expert, Lia Haberman, has put together a Creator Economy trend forecast for 2023. Haberman recently shared a newsletter that consisted of industry insiders sharing their predictions. Everyone from top creators to founders of Creator Economy startups participated in the forecast. The valuable list includes platforms, content trends, and advice for creators wanting to earn a living from their content. Keep reading to discover exactly what to expect from the Creator Economy in 2023.

Long-form video isn’t going anywhere.

While short-form video content has changed the game over the last couple of years, industry experts say that long-form video is here to stay. Because YouTube will begin allowing monetization for Shorts, that will more than likely motivate those creators to begin creating long-form videos. Long-form videos hold an audience’s attention for longer and can be educational or entertaining. It has been proven that viewers of long-term video content have higher loyalty and retention.

More creators will own their audience.

When creators focus solely on building their following on social media platforms, they set themselves up for failure. Because social media is ever-changing and no one can control the algorithm, creators need to build an audience outside social networks. By focusing on owning their audience, creators will have full control over their content and won’t have to worry about losing all of their work and audience overnight if something were to happen to their accounts. Industry experts want creators to remember how important it is to share content on their own domain. Creators can do this by publishing content on their own websites, sending out newsletters to their subscribers, and taking advantage of mobile marketing.

Paywalls will become more lucrative.

Gone are the days when you only have to put out free content on social media. According to Insider, creators can benefit greatly by putting exclusive content behind a paywall. Monetizing your content this way can help you build a more sustainable income than waiting around for brand deals. It is predicted that in 2023, more creators will roll out bonus podcasts and videos that are behind a paywall. People want to feel like they are a part of a group or club, so if creators take advantage of this by building locked communities, they will succeed.

Livestreaming will take over.

Industry experts predict that live streaming will be bigger than ever in 2023. Through live streaming, creators can connect authentically with their audience while monetizing through donations, live shopping, and more. Live streaming is extremely exciting for audiences as they get to interact with the creator and each other. Live streams can be saved and repurposed for content at a later date. Many businesses have benefited from live streaming big events for all of the internet to see. It is predicted that many creators will benefit from doing the same in 2023.

What do you think of these trends for the Creator Economy in 2023? Leave a comment below!

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