If you’re a social media content creator or aspiring creator, you may wonder how other creators manage to land their brand collaborations. If you are a new creator or have yet to build relationships with specific brands, there’s still hope for you to land brand deals. One of the best ways to land brand deals if you don’t have relationships or an extensive portfolio is through influencer platforms. An influencer platform is simply a website that connects brands with creators. These platforms allow you to tell about yourself, showcase your work, and connect with brands ready to pay you for your content. Here are the top five platforms to find high-quality brand deals.

Hashtag Paid

Hashtag Paid is a company that connects brands with creators who love their products/services. The website is clean and easy to use. It delivers a seamless influencer marketing platform solution to businesses, agencies, and global corporations. Hashtag Paid lets brands stay in touch with creators through messaging and lets brands preview and approve content before it goes live. Brands also can run ads right on the platform. It’s no wonder huge brands such as H&M, Visa, and Uber are partners with Hashtag Paid.

Later for Creators

Later for Creators is a robust platform that allows creators to engage with followers, stay up-to-date on trends, manage social media content on the go, and get noticed by brands. Later prides itself on its features for creators, such as:

  • Visual Planner: allows creators to create the perfect feed
  • Shoot and post content on the go from a phone or desktop.
  • Schedule posts on TikTok, Meta, and Pinterest.
  • Drive clicks and increase sales using the link in bio.
  • Creator & Brand Collabs: the one-stop shop for creators and brands to connect and collaborate on campaigns.

When you join the creator database, you can create a custom media kit to showcase your skills, background, followers, and style. You can include your rate so brands know what you’re asking for before contacting you. Later for Creators is a creator’s dream regarding managing social media and collaborating with brands.

InfluenceHer Collective

InfluenceHer Collective, also known as IHC, is a tight-knit influencer community that encourages collaboration and offers support and resources for creators. Once accepted into the community, creators can:

  • Network with clients, brands, and other creators.
  • Get exclusive access to a weekly newsletter full of tips and resources.
  • Collaborate with other creators to create new content.
  • Have a chance to be featured on IHC’s Instagram account & gain new followers.
  • Work on paid campaigns for brands such as Kate Spade, Sephora, Bumble, and Dior.

IHC makes it very easy to apply for brand deals. They sporadically send out e-mails to the community with the latest campaign opportunities. After reading over the campaign’s requirements, apply for the campaign if interested. 


LTK Creator is a platform that allows creators to collaborate with brands, grow within a community, and start earning. LTK creators get exclusive access to the following:

  • A personalized Shop on LTK, with visibility to 300K+ monthly shoppers in the LTK App.
  • A growing network of over 5K brands, including collaboration opportunities.
  • Retargeting capabilities to remind followers to return to your content.
  • Simple tools that easily create shoppable links and Collections.
  • Small-business support and one-on-one growth consulting.

LTK is a company built by creators for creators, and they understand that they’re only successful when their creators are successful.

Which one of these platforms will you be signing up for to find brand deals? Leave a comment below!