Ali Abdaal is a doctor from the UK. He graduated from Cambridge University in 2018 and has worked in the medical field ever since. Abdaal is also a content creator with over 3.65 million subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube is a popular place for people into gaming and comedy, but it’s also for people who are interested in learning and becoming better in every aspect of their lives.

That is the type of content that Abdaal is known for putting out, and it’s greatly impacted his life, allowing him to earn $27,000 per week. This is how Abdaal earns income like that through YouTube and his other endeavors.

How he makes his money

Abdaal is the perfect example of a creator who has learned how to diversify his income. On his website, he speaks very highly of creating passive income streams. Here is a breakdown of the doctor’s different income streams:

  • YouTube: Abdaal began creating YouTube content in 2017, and since then he has gained millions of subscribers and participated in countless brand collaborations. Even when Abdaal wasn’t monetized, he consistently put out content. In 2021, Abdaal earned $1.8 million just from YouTube.
  • Affiliate income: The content creator includes affiliate links in his video descriptions, allowing him to earn a nice income from companies like Teachable, Ghost, and Amazon. The great thing about affiliate income is that you don’t need to sell anything. When you create valuable, relatable content, your viewers will click on your links and more than likely make purchases, which allows you to earn a commission. Last year, Abdaal earned $250,000 in affiliate income.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare is an online course platform that pays creators based on their share of the minutes watched by students across the platform each month. The course creator has courses on the platform based on productivity and motivation. Abdaal has over 80,000 students enrolled in his courses, making him around $90,000 per month in passive income.
  • Sponsorships: Abdaal’s YouTube includes sponsorship deals with huge, well-known brands like Apple. It’s estimated that the entrepreneur can make up to $400,000 per year on sponsorship deals alone.
  • 6med: Abdaal is the co-founder of 6med, which is a platform that provides courses to aspiring medical students.

Abdaal’s net worth

As of 2022, Abdaal has a net worth of about $4 million and rising. As long as Abdaal continues putting out high-quality YouTube content, his community will keep growing, allowing him to earn ad revenue and affiliate income. If he continues to push 6med, he could be worth double next year, as medical education is a very lucrative industry.

Wise words from Abdaal

One of the mantras Abdaal hammers home constantly throughout his videos is consistency. He believes that if you follow three steps, you will be guaranteed to find success.

Those steps are:

  1. Create content that is useful to someone.
  2. Upload useful content at least once a week.
  3. Continue doing steps 1 and 2 for two years.

Abdaal wholeheartedly believes that if you follow that simple process, you will find success as a creator.