Sarah Titus is a blogger and E-commerce store owner who became a millionaire selling printables online. Printables are downloadable sheets that can be binded together or used separately. Examples are worksheets, planner sheets, calendars, and more.

While Sarah has made millions of dollars from selling these printables, millionaire status didn’t come easy to her, as she’s fought tooth and nail to get to where she is today.

After Sarah’s husband left her and their two children, Sarah had to figure life out. She had always been a stay-at-home mom, so she had no income to her name. She and her children ended up in a homeless shelter with just the clothes on their backs.

Now, Sarah runs two million dollar businesses and recently purchased her dream home worth $1.6 million. This is how the ‘Queen of Printables’ did it.

How she got started

After Sarah’s husband left and they went to court, the judge came down pretty hard on her. The judge wanted to know why she didn’t have a job yet. Sarah explained that she didn’t want to leave her children with a stranger, so she was trying to figure out how to make money online.

Sarah told the judge that she had just started an e-Bay account and was sure she could start bringing in $1,000 per month. The judge didn’t like that, as he told Sarah she needed to get a real job.

Sarah begged the judge just to give her some time to make it work. The judge agreed, and Sarah hit the ground running.

In addition to her eBay store, Sarah started up a blog in 2013. Sarah worked tirelessly on blog posts and did tons of research on how to increase her blog views.

Sarah didn’t give up, and exactly one year later, her blog made $10,000 — in just one month.

How much money she makes

After blogging for several years, Sarah started her printables shop in 2017. She banked $52,060 from selling printables on Shopify’s platform in her first month. That’s when she knew she was on to something. Sarah had made a whopping $22 million from printables within a few years. In 2021, Sarah brought in $6.8 million in printable sales.

While printable sales account for the bulk of Sarah’s income, she makes money in other ways.

Multiple streams of income

In addition to printable sales and affiliate income from her blog, Sarah also started to create courses. She teaches many different things, from How to Create Printables and How to Make Money on Shopify to Saving Money and Organizing Your Life.

Within her first nine months of selling courses, she was making 7-figures just from her teachings.

Today, Sarah earns approximately $4 million annually from her blog and printable sales and about $1.4 million annually from her courses.

Final thoughts

Sarah proves that it doesn’t matter where you come from; it only matters where you go. If you have a plan, stay focused on that plan, and work tirelessly day in and day out, you will see results.

While Sarah started her blog when blogging was taboo, there’s still a chance for anyone to succeed today by following the same blueprint. Start a blog, drive traffic to it, and sell your audience stuff that they want to buy.