Creators use their phones for everything, from recording and editing content to taking photos and posting to social media. Having the right apps can make a world of difference when it comes to the job. Many apps are out there, and finding the right ones can be a hassle. The best apps should be free or cost-efficient, easy to use, and offer the right features. Here is a list of the five apps that every creator should have on their phone to make content creation a breeze.


Canva is a graphic design platform that has desktop and mobile versions. Canva allows anyone to easily create any type of graphic, from social media graphics to business card designs. Canva will even print and ship designs, which is very convenient. Canva is free but offers a paid version with royalty-free images and icons for all designs. With Canva, creators can create all social media graphics, newsletter headers and even design unique profile pictures. The app recently integrated video, so creators can create and edit videos. There are thousands of templates to use on the platform, or there’s the option of starting from scratch. You cannot be a creator without having Canva downloaded on your phone.


Picsart is a free app that allows anyone, especially beginners, to edit photos, create collages, and add cool stickers and text to images. Picsart is beginner-friendly with a wide range of features, making it a great app for visual content creation. The app has an array of templates and tools to help create beautiful graphics and allow creators to stand out on social media. There are options to create gorgeous collages or edit photos for social media. Picsart photo collage maker is the best app to get the job done. The app will meet all your content creation needs with its wealth of features.


Creators often create videos, and if they don’t outsource the editing of the videos, they need an app that makes the process seamless. Videoleap can help with that. It is very simple to use but packs a powerful punch. It’s mobile-first and has everything needed for video content creation. The app offers amazing presets for those times when a video is either too dark or doesn’t fit aesthetically. The app allows creators to easily add background music to their videos or record a voiceover right in the app. Videoleap also has a wide range of fun effects and transitions that can be added to videos to help stand out. Videoleap offers free and paid versions that give access to more features. Don’t be caught creating videos without it.


FLTR is one of the best photo and video editing apps out there for creators. FLTR is an app that provides free trendy presets for Lightroom. Many of the presets are free, but there’s a paid version where creators can access more. Creators can easily add filters to any photo or video in just a few clicks. The app has the option to customize iOS app icons and Instagram highlights. FLTR also offers a variety of Instagram effects for selfies and videos. Any creator who’s looking to up their photo and video game needs to download this app.


Peerspace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for booking event spaces for meetings and productions. So, why do creators need to download this app? Well, everyone doesn’t have an aesthetically-pleasing house to get the best shots. Once this app is downloaded, booking a space to take photos and film content is easy. Peerspace offers homes and apartments, photo studios, conference/meeting rooms, backyards, and more to rent. Peerspace is like the Airbnb of filming and entertaining. Download it now.