Many aspiring creators want to create a YouTube channel but have a fear of actually being on camera. Some people are camera shy, while others have yet to build up the nerve to put themselves out there. The good news is you don’t always have to show your face on YouTube. You can create faceless YouTube videos. Here’s all about creating a faceless YouTube channel.


There are many benefits associated with creating faceless YouTube videos:

  • You’re protecting your privacy
  • There are many niche ideas
  • You can publish more frequently since you don’t need to be camera-ready
  • Not much editing is required
  • No fancy equipment or lighting required
  • You can have multiple faceless channels

Channel ideas

ASMR – ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is a tingling sensation that usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. ASMR videos are insanely popular right now, and viewers enjoy watching them. You can create ASMR videos without ever showing your face. You can clean, tap your fingers, whisper, flip through a book, or anything else. You’ll be good to go if you have the special microphone needed to produce the ASMR sounds. Here’s an example of a popular ASMR channel with over 128,000 followers.

Unboxing – Believe it or not, millions of people enjoy watching people take stuff out of boxes. All you’d need to start creating unboxing videos is an unopened product and something to record with. Viewers love realistic videos of products being unwrapped and opened. It helps them with what to expect after making purchases. Since unboxing videos are so popular on YouTube, it would help if you niched down. Perhaps, unboxing beauty products. Think makeup, face products, hair products, etc. Here’s an example of a popular channel that does unboxing videos with over 8.8 million subscribers.

Cooking – If you have a knack for cooking and can make your way around the kitchen, starting a faceless cooking channel is for you. You could focus solely on showing the dish’s preparation and cooking on the stove. You can’t go wrong with a cooking channel because your subscribers will focus only on your recipes. You can add a voice-over to your videos or use copyright-free music while showing how to make the dish. Niching down to a particular type of cooking would increase your chances of success. Think Mexican dishes, Italian, or Keto recipes. Here’s a very popular cooking channel with 709,000 followers; the creator never shows their face.

Compilations – Compilations and slideshows have been on YouTube forever. You’d create a compilation of short video clips around a topic that interests you. This could be absolutely anything. It doesn’t have to be just video clips; you could compile images as a slideshow. All you’d need to get started is some editing skills, an app to compile the images or videos, and some copyright-free music. An example of a popular compilation YouTube channel can be found here. This channel compiles the funniest fails into one video. They have 16.2 million followers.

Final thoughts

YouTube has become saturated over the years, but everyone has room to get a piece of the pie. It really depends on the type of faceless videos you choose to start creating. It’s definitely possible to earn money on YouTube in 2023 without ever showing your face.

Out of all of these faceless YouTube channel ideas, which is your favorite? Leave a comment below!