Gaming is a billion-dollar industry, and it’s rapidly growing every day. With users all over the world enjoying various games, they are always looking for a new spot to hang out. TikTok has recently become a hub for gamers. So many gaming creators have joined TikTok to share their favorite games, cheats, and tricks while showing off their skills. This blog post will take a look at seven popular gaming TikTok accounts and what they offer.


GamingBible is a verified TikTok account sharing funny videos related to gaming. The account currently has 2.8 million followers and over 72 million likes. There’s also a GamingBible YouTube account with 24,000 subscribers. This is the go-to account for anyone looking for good memes and hilarious in-game and on-stream clips.


Cozy.Games is a TikTok account run by a woman named Kennedy. The account currently has 321K followers and over 6 million likes. Kennedy shares cozy gaming and lifestyle content on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. The creator took her passion for gaming and self-care and essentially created a new niche. Users gravitate to her content because of her cozy aesthetic and how relatable she is.


TypicalGamer is a verified TikTok account with over 1.8 million followers and 8.6 million likes currently. The account shares short video clips of Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and more. This creator also has a YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers. If you enjoy watching Fortnite characters battle it out, this account is for you.


Chica is a verified TikTok account run by a woman passionate about all things gaming. Her account currently has 7 million followers and over 247 million likes. The gaming video creator mainly shares gaming content and streaming highlights related to Fortnite. She also has a YouTube channel with 1.7 million subscribers, where she shares long-form gaming content.


KiaKirst is a TikTok account run by a creator who shares content related to her gaming setup. She has a dark, moody, modern aesthetic that has attracted over 43,000 followers so far. Kia shares gaming clips on another TikTok account, KiaKirstClips. She shares clips from the games she plays on that channel, such as Call of Duty and Halo. The gaming creator also has a Youtube channel and Twitch.


Zeff_Gaming is a TikTok account with 1.6 million followers and over 105 million likes currently. The account shares all things related to gaming news. You can find useful content, such as gaming leaks, and tech news, such as Playstation making upgrades. The account owner also has a YouTube channel, Zeff Playz, with 458K subscribers.


ImAutho is a TikTok account that shares short compilations related to gaming. This account currently has 529K followers and 27 million likes. The account shares content such as the Most Insane Plays in Video Game History and the Biggest Plot Twists in Video Games. The content creator also has a Twitch account. This one is for you if you’re looking for random, factual gaming content.

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