Kat Norton is a digital creator that creates content educating on Microsoft Excel. With over 900,000 followers on TikTok and 700,000 followers on Instagram, Kat has learned how to use social media to her advantage. She’s turned her social following into a 7-figure business by selling Microsoft training courses. The educational content creator recently generated six figures in one day, and she’s only been at this for a few years. Let’s look at how she got her start and how she’s been able to grow her business.

How Miss Excel was born

Kat was always a part of the corporate world. In 2020, right before the pandemic hit, she was working for a global consulting firm doing a lot of traveling for work. During quarantine, no one was traveling, leaving Kat with a ton of free time. She started staying with her parents and found herself twiddling her thumbs in her childhood room.

With nothing else to do, Kat started doing a ton of inner work; meditation, mindfulness, and manifestation. The creator had always been really shy, and doing this inner work allowed her to come out of her shell. After doing all this spiritual work, she started to get rid of her limiting beliefs and decided to do something different.

Kat recently interviewed with The Verge, where she shared that her intuition told her to start posting on TikTok. She has no idea where this thought came from as she didn’t even have the app downloaded on her phone. Kat went to her mom and told her to prepare herself because she was about to be rich and famous. Her mother just laughed, but Kat got to work.

She had so much mental resistance when she first started and would give herself excuses as to why this wouldn’t work out. She pushed through and started the TikTok account by creating one video per day. The fourth video she put out hit 100,000 views, and that’s when she knew her intuition was correct.

By the sixth day, the CEO of an IT company reached out and told her that he loved her teaching style and wanted to collaborate to create G Suite training videos for students, parents, and teachers since the school system had gone entirely online. Even though she was a Microsoft girl, she was a fast learner, so she agreed to the collaboration.

Kat immediately purchased a ring light, green screen, formed an LLC, and got to work in her childhood bedroom. Within three weeks, she went viral on a new level when one of her videos hit 3.6 million views. She gained over 100,000 followers overnight.

Her growth strategy

After her TikTok account had taken off, Kat decided it was time to create an Instagram account since rumors were floating around about the possibility of TikTok being banned in the U.S. When she created her Instagram account, only 2,000 people followed her there from TikTok. She started brainstorming how to go viral on Instagram right when Instagram Reels first came out. Within a few weeks on Instagram, she grew 50,000 followers from a viral video. 

Kat credits her ability to go viral to energy. In her interview with The Verge, she explains that she gets her energy to a place where her presence is truly magnetic. She will oftentimes get visions of what will go viral, run to her computer, and get to work making the ideas come to life. She says that social media is only energy transmissions, and her audience receives her energy through the phone. She credits growing her massive social media following to people being drawn to her magnetic energy.

Going full-time as a creator

Kat continued creating viral content but wasn’t selling anything, as she was making money via social media and collaborations. One day, she was approached by Morning Brew for an interview. A business coach told her that she needed a product to sell if she was going to appear on Morning Brew. So, she took a couple of weeks off from her job to create her first Excel course. She launched the course over Black Friday weekend in 2020.

Just two months later in January, the course already earned her more monthly money than she made at her day job. That’s when another business coach told her that she needed to quit her job to focus on her booming business, and two days later, she did. By April, Kat had her first six-figure month.

Life-changing final words from Kat

Kat is a one-woman operation with a virtual assistant that helps with social media graphics. She does most things herself and is very hands-on with her business. Since the Microsoft educator is a huge believer in manifestation and energetics, she directly connects the inner work she’s done on herself with her success as a creator and entrepreneur.

In her interview with The Verge, Kat says anyone can take wherever they’re at and go into their subconscious and rework their limiting beliefs. She says you don’t have to take life at face value; everyone is a quantum creator. These beliefs are what really helped drive and grow her business.

“I work on myself and raise my energy to a place where I’m coming across correctly on the platforms to make people happy. People want to watch things that raise their vibration. People want to watch things that make them happy and give them energy and inspire them.”

How inspiring is Kat’s story from shy and unmotivated to manifesting a 7-figure digital business? Leave a comment below!