Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he’s been busy making changes. So far, he’s implemented a paid verification plan, banned linking to other social platforms, and updated Twitter’s rules and regulations. While these changes have received mixed reviews, the new announcement to launch a new feature excites many people. Musk announced at the beginning of February that Twitter would be allowing creators to get paid for their tweets very soon. Keep reading to discover how it will work and what it means for avid tweeters.

Tweet Monetization

The feature allowing creators to monetize their tweets has been long awaited. Since Musk first purchased Twitter, he’s been hinting to roll out something like this.

Musk recently tweeted that Twitter will focus on enabling writers to add essays as attachments to tweets. “Combined with improvements to creator subscriptions (fka superfollow), you will be able to publish directly on Twitter & get paid for it.” 

In another tweet, Musk said the company is also “reviewing” revenue share for ads in a creator’s tweets so they can “create an interesting thread and get paid for it!” 

Musk has been promising some type of monetization plan for various types of content on Twitter since his $44 billion takeover last year. 

At the time, Musk said Twitter would for sure pass YouTube’s rate of paying creators 55% of total ad revenue from their videos. “We can beat that,” Musk tweeted in November 2022. 

What this means for creators

The new feature would allow creators to get paid for their tweets if launched. It is unclear exactly how the monetization model will work. Many Twitter users wonder if they will get paid per view, like, or retweet.

The plan to add essays as attachments to tweets would heavily benefit writers and authors. There’s potential for these creators to make bank from interesting essays.

The plan to allow revenue share for ads in tweets is cool. However, it has left many users wondering if the tweets will start to get spammy if they are to include ads. Even still, this option could prove extremely lucrative for creators constantly going viral with valuable threads on various subjects.

Final Thoughts

Although Twitter hasn’t explained exactly how creators will get paid, the news of possible tweet monetization is still very exciting. Of course, creators would have to provide Twitter with bank account information for payments.

There hasn’t been any news on where or how creators can monitor their revenue or analytics once the feature is in place.

Creators are also wondering what the requirements will be to be eligible for the new feature. Will every Twitter Blue subscriber be eligible, or will there be a minimum follower requirement like on other platforms?

These are all very good questions that have yet to be answered. Hopefully, Musk will address these concerns as soon as the new feature is released.

It’s always great to hear of new ways for creators to earn money. What do you think of Twitter’s plans to launch this new monetization feature? Leave a comment below!