Some things are a daily necessity, like your morning coffee. You can’t (and shouldn’t) cut it out of your day, but you might spend a little longer than you want on it daily.

It’s great to have some relaxed time every morning to prepare for your day, but what if you could use this time for something productive and low-stress?

If you’ve been looking for another way to stretch your morning hours to get more done, here are seven creative ways to monetize your morning coffee.

Streaming Coffee Hour

Since morning coffee is part of your daily ritual, why not make it part of your audience’s day as well? Starting a coffee hour stream is a great way to connect with people, build a strong rapport with your audience, and draw new people in over time.

Coffee hour streams are chill streams where you talk with your audience about anything and everything for an hour or so in the morning. On Twitch, you can jump into the “just chatting” category and stream for an audience of people who want to hang out and talk with you.

Doing coffee hour streams is one of the most relaxed ways to start streaming. All you need is some kind of camera (even your phone camera can work!), a mic, and steady internet access. Use the time to talk about whatever’s on your mind, the morning headlines, your plan for the day, and whatever your viewers bring up in chat.

Streams can be a steady source of income. You can get subscriptions, tips, and donations for specific things during your stream. Viewers can even pay a little to highlight their message if they want you to see or respond to something.

Give coffee hour streaming a try and see if it fits well into your day!

Sponsored Posts

No matter your audience size, you can look for sponsors for your content, especially social media posts. In this case, look specifically for coffee or accessory companies to sponsor some of your posts. Reach out to companies that would appeal to your target audience.

If you have a small audience, you might start by requesting some free coffee bags in exchange for a certain number of posts about the coffee. This is an easy sell for many companies, especially artisan coffee companies and smaller local brands. It’s a good, low-stress way to get started with sponsorships and learn how to make deals with companies, skills that will help you as your audience grows larger.

With a larger audience, you can make bigger asks from companies that lead to actual monetization. Instead of just asking for products, you can ask for payments for every post you make and the products themselves. With an engaged audience, you have a solid case to make with brands, especially small-medium brands, that would benefit from exposure to your audience.

Remember that audience size isn’t everything with sponsorships. If you can show your audience’s engagement with your brand, you can likely find a brand willing to work with you and make your morning coffee profitable!

Selling What You’re Drinking 

If you’d prefer to skip company sponsorships, look at affiliate deals and white labeling instead. These monetization methods give you more control over what you’re promoting and how much money goes into your pocket from the deal.

Affiliate Deals

With affiliate sales, you can sign up for a specific company’s affiliate or referral program, ask for a referral code from a company, or sign up for an affiliate program with a larger online platform that hosts multiple brands for sale.

Going with a single company might help with the integrity of your posts, giving your morning coffee posts an air of authenticity. You might also get a better deal in terms of how much you’re earning as commission, depending on the company you work with. However, you’ll get many more options if you choose a larger platform like Amazon for your affiliate links.

With a platform like Amazon, you can recommend a wide range of things and still earn a commission. Anything from coffee to a creative mug you’re drinking from or a specific artisan coffee-making set you used to brew your coffee. You’ll get more mileage from this kind of affiliate deal, even if you’re making a little less per sale.  

White Labeling

White labeling is reselling a supplier’s product with your own branding on it. This is a great way to promote your brand without launching an entire company for yourself. White labeling is more involved than affiliate sales, but you’ll earn a higher product margin.

To start white-label selling, you need:

  • A website storefront (your own website or a page on a third-party selling site)
  • A supplier for the products you want to sell
  • Branding for your products

Launching a white-label sales business with dropshipping is very accessible, even for new creators. You’ll be selling your own products directly to your audience without having to develop things on your own or store a lot of inventory unless you want to.

Make it as simple as you like, and scale your business if you get some traction. With even a few monthly sales, you’ve turned your morning coffee into a profitable side hustle!

Coffee Tutorials

If you’ve got a little skill in making coffee, or even just some curiosity and a taste for adventure, you can monetize your morning coffee by creating coffeemaking tutorials. Approaching it from an angle of experimentation and fun is a great way to make your content relatable and exciting to any audience.

You can turn your coffeemaking into short-form videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms. These videos can perform well and even help you grow since they’re accessible to a large audience.

The main goal of this kind of content is to connect more with your audience. This is like a behind-the-scenes video giving your audience a peek behind the curtain. Even if coffee isn’t related to the main thing you’re doing, a few unique coffee tutorial videos can provide another way for your audience to connect with you.

Mix things up by slowly introducing affiliate or sponsored products in your coffee tutorials, but only when they make sense.

Post What You’re Doing Over Coffee Hour

If coffee posts, products, and streams don’t make sense for your audience, you still have options. Make a habit of posting daily about what you do over your coffee hour to your socials.

Here are a few ideas about what you can do with your morning coffee hour posts:

  • Look at how your day planning is going
  • Share some morning motivation for your audience
  • Hype up a new product/service/piece of content you’re working on
  • Post industry news or your unique take on something
  • Put a spotlight on something cool your audience is doing
  • Share some advice to help new creators in your field

These daily posts have a compounding effect. Posting helpful something or interesting daily will make you a source people look at more often. You’ll grow your following and slowly build up a reputation as an authority figure in your industry.

When you habitually post something to your socials every morning while having your coffee, you’re more likely to keep it up in the long term.

While it might not always lead to direct monetization, there are a lot of benefits that will lead to revenue growth in the future. Plus, you can include the occasional link to something that will convert, making some of your posts directly profitable.

Write While Your Sip  

Another way to monetize your morning coffee indirectly is to use that time for writing. If you spend 30-60 minutes writing every weekday morning, you’ll have spent 2.5 – 5 hours writing every week while sipping your coffee. The longer you do it, the more it adds up!

This is a solid way to do it if you’ve wanted to include written content in your strategy. You may not love writing, but doing it for 30 minutes every morning is a low-stress way to ensure you get it done.

This is an excellent strategy if you’re trying to write an ebook, course materials, or other long-form content that takes a while to finish. You’ll get it done over a few weeks or months by chipping away at it every morning. At the end of the year, you’ll have completed more long-form content than you ever thought possible just by dedicating a little time to it in the mornings!

Another excellent use for this time is writing short-form content like blog posts, thought leadership pieces, or scripts for other content types. Because these content types tend to be in your long-term strategy, it’s useful to set a time for them every morning to ensure you’re always working on something to build your brand.

Dedicate Coffee Time to Your Audience

One of the simplest ways to monetize your morning coffee is by using that time to interact with your audience in whatever capacity. Jump into a few conversations on Twitter, respond to your DMs, make a few video responses to TikTok or Shorts comments, comment on Instagram posts/stories from your audience, and generally use the time to reach out to your followers.

The more actively you engage with your audience, the more you’ll see them engage with you. People love when the brands or influencers they follow take the time to get in touch with them and respond to what they’re saying.

It’s a win-win for you because you’ll get closer to your audience while making space for more conversations about what you’re doing or mentions of your content. Attention is always monetizable, so using 30-60 minutes every morning to get in front of more eyes is a great investment in your future.

Don’t sacrifice your peace. Use your time wisely, and don’t push too hard if you need that free space in the morning just to chill! How do you spend your morning coffee time to set yourself up for success? Let us know in the comments below!