What’s diversifying income? It’s simply having multiple streams of income. With anything, it’s important not to place all of your eggs in one basket, but this is especially true for creators. Most creators make the bulk of their income from brand deals, partnerships, ad revenue, and platform-based creator funds. There are so many other ways that you can diversify your income as a content creator. Here are several ideas for producing more income as a content creator.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website. The affiliate will earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase through their unique affiliate link of that specific product or service. So, as a creator, you can mention certain products and services in your content, and when your audience purchases, you make bank. Almost every company offers an affiliate program these days. You can even partner with other creators to become affiliates of the products and services that they offer.

Digital Products

Digital products are a great way of making passive income because once you create the product, you set it and forget it. As long as the information in your digital product is relevant, you can sell it forever. Some examples of digital products are E-books, courses, digital planners, software, and more. If you’re a Youtuber that creates content on applying makeup, you could create a short guide on how to apply lashes and sell it to your audience. If you’re a budget blogger, you could create digital budgeting planners and embed the links throughout your blog posts. Digital products are gold, and as a creator, the ideas are endless.

Physical Products

Physical products are still very much being sought after online. If you’ve got an audience that knows, likes, and trust you, they’d love to purchase your products. Some examples of physical products that you could start selling are t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, tote bags, journals, and so much more. Nowadays, you don’t even have to create products on your own. There are print-on-demand websites that can help you get started. You simply upload your product design, and they will design the product for you. As customers make purchases, you place the order, and the print-on-demand company will send the purchased items directly to your customers. This is such a great way to add an additional income stream to your content creation.

Side Hustles

If all else fails, you could always take on a side hustle in addition to creating content. You could manage social media pages for other people or brands. You could edit videos for others. If you’re good at writing blog posts, you could offer freelance writing. If you’re looking for an off-line side hustle, you could take up gig work, sell items on Facebook Marketplace, flip items on E-bay, and so much more. There are countless things that you can do to make additional income as a creator. You’ve just gotta take action.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comment section!